Short Story: Tier’s Castle

The decision to ignore the warnings of friends will changer her life forever.

The decision to ignore the warnings of friends will change her life forever.

Summary: A trip to a local haunted hotel goes very awry for one unfortunate guest.

Rating: NC17, Non-Con, Objectification, Forced Orgasm, M/F/Object.

Prompt: The furniture…and SD…card get very kinky indeed!

She couldn’t move, her arms were held fast by the carved limbs of the throne like chair in her bedroom and her legs were separated and spread wide by it’s ancient wooden feet.

Her clothes had been stripped from her by the coat stand the tablecloth had lodged itself in her mouth, completely gagging her. Her breasts were exposed along with the rest of her and she shivered as a slight breeze brushed softly across her skin.

She hadn’t believed her friends when they had said the castle was cursed. Who would have? The man that ran it even assured her that the rumors were just that…rumors. He’d been so young and charming. His voice had melted her in ways she never knew were possible and when he’d smiled at her she knew she was sold. She would have stayed at the hotel even if she had thought the castle was haunted.

What she hadn’t expected was the way the manager had treated her. She’d been served by him personally and she’d been given the honeymoon suite as a ‘thank you’ for looking past the malicious rumours. He’d been so good to her and she hadn’t even questioned why. His words and his smile had swept her along with him and right into his trap.

Now she was here, exposed for all the world to see and completely powerless. She was helpless, naked and truly terrified. She felt like Belle from the most twisted version of Beauty and the Beast ever. She couldn’t see any cameras but she knew they were there somewhere.

Although right now cameras were the least of her worries. Her eyes widened as the hairbrush on the table swivelled to look at her. It was the only way she could describe what was happening. She watched in horror as it jumped down off of the cabinet and began to hop towards her. Automatically she started to struggle and tried desperately to wrap her arms across her chest. Her legs were trembling with the effort she was putting into closing them but no matter how hard she struggled she just couldn’t manage it. She stared helplessly as the brush, in one leap, landed on her thigh. Vainly she tried to scream and call out through her gag. The muffled “NO!” came out as more of a desperate “Mmmmuffff!”

Who was she going to scream out to in any case? She was all alone. The suite was in the East Tower and about as far away as possible from the rest of the guests to ensure ‘privacy’. Back then she had relished the idea and said yes without a seconds hesitation, now it was looking like the most ridiculous mistake she had made in her life.

The brush was moving forwards. It had laid down across her leg and she felt it slither towards her completely exposed and utterly defenceless pussy. Her screams became louder and far more frantic. This was not happening, this was not real! She had to be dreaming. She realised she wasn’t as she felt the tip of the handle against her naked hole. It slowly pushed into her. She wasn’t ready and she fought with everything she had to keep her muscles tight, barring it entry in the only way she could. It didn’t work, the cold metal of the handle simply kept on moving deeper into her until it was sunk as far in as it could go. Crying and gasping against the cloth for air, she struggled frantically to get away from the foreign object now lodged inside of her.

She almost didn’t see the laptop move. Almost. Through blurred vision she saw the black machine flip over and eject the new SD card she had placed in it only a few days ago. She watched as the wires of the machine pulled out of their sockets and connected to the card to form the most terrifying parody of arms she had ever witnessed. It began to drag itself along the desk and across the floor towards her waiting body. She could barely see through her tears but she felt it as it pulled itself up her slim legs. When the wires started to move across her mons and caress her lips she let loose a whole new series of muted screams.

She felt the sharp edges of the wires moving across her hypersensitive skin and across the inside of her folds. What she hadn’t expected was the soft tingling sensations of electricity that began to run through her at the same time. What before had been pain now became an unexpected and highly disturbing form of pleasure. It wasn’t enough to shock, merely enough to induce sensation and as the arms moved across and around her lips she felt the dampness between her legs start to grow. The metal of the brush was no longer an icy source of pain but a cool, electric source of pleasure as it began to slowly move inside of her. Her screams turned into reluctant moans as the two inanimate objects began to work together to driver her crazy. She had no way of stopping it, she was still held tightly and explicitly open and even as she tried in vain to fight her mind whirred. She couldn’t understand why or even how this was happening. The brush started to move faster and the current from the card became that much stronger. It didn’t hurt, but as it brushed against her clit the scream she released this time had nothing to do with pain. She was light headed now. Her breaths were limited by the gag and the adrenaline rushing through her body had made her heart rate spike alarmingly. As the wires made contact with her clit again she felt the complete and unexpected orgasm rocket through her. When the brush found the right angle inside of her and began to hit her in her sweet spot her eyes rolled back in her head and she stopped fighting altogether. She gave into the sensations and drifted in wave after wave of orgasmic bliss.

She had no idea how long it had been. She had lost count of the orgasms she had had and she had even tried begging for it to stop. It hadn’t. The objects either had no idea of what she wanted or simply no desire to listen. She was beginning to feel like a possession herself and she had finally resigned herself to the fact that it wasn’t her that was in control of anything that was happening to her. Her legs we now dripping wet and completely open. Her breasts were bare and her nipples were harder than they had been in her life. These things that were doing this to her didn’t care how she felt. They didn’t care if she was in pleasure or pain and she had felt both so much already that she could barely distinguish between them any more. She was here to be used and they were doing just that. She was their thing, their toy. She was to be used and abused however they liked. She was nothing more than a tool for their amusement. She closed her eyes as she felt the sensations build again.

Somehow, at some point she’d fallen asleep. She awoke when the sunlight hit her face and a seductive male voice asked, “So, how did you enjoy your stay?” She didn’t have the energy to reply, the brush was still moving inside of her and the damned SD card was still sending waves of sensation throughout her frame. The man simply smiled at her and allowed his eyes to roam over her trembling body. They lingered in certain areas long enough to leave her feeling even more exposed than she had been already. “I remember you saying yesterday that you had a whole month booked off work.” Her eyes widened in panic. The man held up a remote and waved it nonchalantly as he spoke. “I thought we might have a little fun together? Stay awhile why don’t you? The castle gardens are quite awe-inspiring. Why don’t we see how you feel my dear?” He pushed a button on the remote and she felt the chair start to move.

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