One Ring – Chapter Three

Here is Chapter Three of One Ring. Find out what happens when Jim moves in with his teacher and just what her husband thinks of the whole situation.

Story Warnings: M/F, Mind Control, Dub Con, Oral Sex, Sex Toys.

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Chapter 3

Mrs. Spritz opened her door after only three knocks and hid herself from view as Jim walked in, leisurely taking in his surroundings. She lived in a modern apartment complex and hadn’t bothered to repaint the walls from the standard white that every estate agent used throughout the land. Her furniture was plain but looked comfortable and she’d laid out pillows and a single duvet on a side table next to what must be a sofa-bed. He smiled at the hope that lay behind that gesture. He hadn’t quite decided if his teacher would be joining him yet, but he would most certainly not be the one sleeping on the sofa tonight.

Ignoring Adele for now he looked around the rest of the room. Her laptop was sat in the middle of a clean pine desk by the window and a door to the side of that led to a small balcony, overlooking the shared garden at the back of the building. He was admiring some well cared for plants that had been arranged to make the most of the morning sun when his teacher gathered up her courage and asked, “Are you alright?”

Jim didn’t answer right away. He walked over to a well-stocked bookcase that held a few family photographs dotted between an eclectic mixture of titles. They appeared to range from ‘The Archaeology of Viking Britain’ to ‘Exploring Alternatives: A Lover’s Guide to Pleasure Beyond the Bedroom’. Jim raised an eyebrow and turned to his teacher who had grabbed a few pillows from the sofa to cover herself. She flushed pink when she realised what he’d read but persisted with her line of questioning.

“Jim, did he hurt you? How did you get out? It’s still not too late to call the police you know?”

“Put the pillow’s back.” He said by way of a response and turned back to the shelf to look at the pictures. Mrs. Spritz’s legs moved against her will and he heard two small thuds as the pillows were placed back where they belonged. Jim picked up a framed photograph of Adele with her arm around a tall and classically handsome man. He looked to be around her age and was clearly laughing at someone or something beyond the camera. He looked like every brown haired generic model from every aftershave commercial Jim had ever seen but, if the framed Doctorate of Archaeology on the wall was to be believed, he had at least a modicum of intelligence hiding in there somewhere. Holding it up so that his teacher could see he asked, “Is this your husband?”

Reluctantly Mrs. Spritz turned to see her wedding photo in Jim’s hand. He saw the momentary flash of rage pass over her features before she managed to hide it behind a mask of concern. Taking a deep breath and shielding her body as best she could with her hands she nodded. She gave him a look only a teacher could before adding, “You know avoiding my questions doesn’t make them go away, right?”

“I do but I’d have thought that it would’ve been quite obvious that I’m perfectly fine and I’ve already told you that the police aren’t going to be involved in this. I left through my bedroom window and before you ask, no, I didn’t see him to say a heartfelt goodbye. If I can help it I’ll never see that man again. Now,” he removed his rucksack from his shoulder and headed towards the seating area “I don’t suppose you have a spare desk hidden away somewhere do you?”

“No. Sorry.”

“What does your husband do when he’s home? Don’t tell me the two of you work together on that thing?” Jim waved towards the small computer desk he’d seen earlier.

“No. He makes a point of not working when he’s here.”

“I see, so he sit’s and watches the TV whilst you what, mark essays and plan lessons? What an exciting life you must both lead.”

“If this is how you’re going to behave then you can go right back out of that door you ungrateful little shit. How dare you-”

Jim silenced her with a thought. Delicately he took his laptop out of his bag and placed it atop her coffee table before walking to stand in front of his silently fuming teacher. “I want you to understand one thing Mrs. Spritz, just one. Don’t assume that just because I’ve played nice with you so far, that I won’t decide I don’t need you anymore.” He ran his cold hand across her cheek and she flinched away. “You belong to me. Remember that and everything will be just fine.” He watched as she shuddered and took another step back from him. He smiled darkly and asked “What’s your husband’s name?”

Free to speak again she managed to get out a shaky “Christopher” before falling silent of her own volition. Her situation appeared to be finally sinking in and as Jim allowed his eyes to wander over her exposed skin he saw she was shaking ever so slightly. It wasn’t cold in the room. She was afraid. Jim stepped into her personal space and placed his hands possessively on her hips. Leaning in he softly whispered “Mine” against her ear, allowing his right hand to slide across her toned backside until it found the plug she was still wearing. He heard her quiet gasp and felt the muscles of her ass clench as he ran his teeth against her neck, nipping slightly at her skin.

He caressed her as he worked the glass plug inside of her. Before long her helpless whimpers were turning into pleasured moans and as he trailed his left hand over her sex he felt her warm wetness coat his fingers. Bringing them up to her face he presented them to her and she eagerly sucked them clean, making a show of hollowing her cheeks as she did so. Jim’s dick was straining against his jeans. Holding eye contact with her he took Adele’s hair in his hand and pulled her down onto her knees. Her hands were already working open the button of his trousers when Jim jerked her head sharply, forcing her to look up at him.

“You’re here to please me, understand? You do anything that could remotely cause me to come to harm and I’ll ensure you suffer for the rest of your existence. You’re my little fuck toy now. You cannot harm me.”

Mrs. Spritz swallowed hard and Jim saw the annoyance in her eyes before he freed her to get to work on his cock. He was about to add a few more commands when he felt her suck him into her oh so skilful mouth. This time it was he who let out the audible moan and he found himself involuntarily rocking into her. Her tongue was rubbing against the underside of his dick and he grasped her hair hard when she started to hum an unintelligible tune. Her mouth was perfect and she opened her throat for him when he fucked her face harder. He felt her choke on his cock and the beast that lurked just under his skin revealed. He fucked her steadily and deeply until drool was falling down her chin and tears were streaming from her eyes. Not once had she tried to resist him.

“You’re going to make me cum and you’re going to swallow every drop of it. Play with yourself until you’re just about to cum. Do it now. You don’t cum unless I tell you to fuck toy, understand? You stay on the edge for me.”

Mrs. Spritz moaned even louder around his cock as she pressed her hand in between her legs and began to stroke herself. He felt her nodding ascent whilst still sucking and Jim had to fight hard not to cum then and there. He wanted his teacher squirming by the end of this. She deserved to suffer for the way she’d spoken to him. He was going to show her exactly who was in charge.

Her hums became whimpers in what felt like no time at all. Her movements were jerky and Jim could tell the only thing preventing her from coming was his instruction. He watched his dick sliding into her small mouth and loved the way her lips stretched around it. They were slightly swollen and puffy from the relentless face fucking he was giving her and as she moaned again, in frustration, he knew he wasn’t going to hold on much longer. With a last thrust, deep into her throat, he came. Adele choked but somehow managed to swallow it all, even licking his cock clean as he pulled out of her mouth.

He looked down at her and smiled. She still had her hand between her legs and he watched as she shakily rubbed herself every so often, following his instructions perfectly. She was slumped back onto her knees and resolutely refused to look at him. Drool had dripped down her front as he’d used her. He’d never seen her so utterly defeated. She was perfect.

“Stop.” He ordered and she did. “Go clean yourself up.”

She got to her feet, shaking slightly and disappeared down her hallway once more.

She came back five minutes later looking far more composed. Jim was sat, working at his computer but smiled when she walked in.

“I think it’s time we have a little chat don’t you?”

“If you say so.” His teacher answered, not looking at him.

Jim noticed her surreptitiously glance at the clock on the wall behind him but chose not to comment. “I think some ground rules will help smooth things out. I like you Adele, I really do and I don’t actually like many people. You’re relatively smart and learn quickly. So long as we establish a few boundaries we shouldn’t have any more little situations.”

She looked at him then and he saw the anger burning through the humiliation of what had just happened.

“It’s OK if you hate me.” He added calmly. “Most people do and if I were in your shoes I’d have already begun to formulate at least four different plans to kill me.”

“I’d never-”

“And that’s why I’ll always come out on top.” Jim shrugged. “You allow others to dictate to you what is and is not acceptable. I have you hostage in your own home. You’re naked and have been used, humiliated and reduced to a slave; and yet you refuse to do what’s necessary in order to regain your freedom. All for what? The moral high ground? Morals don’t count for much when it’s your ass on the line.”

“Some might argue that that’s exactly when morality counts the most.”

“Then they’re idiots. Besides, admit it, you were going to bite off my dick earlier if I hadn’t commanded you not to.”


“I don’t like liars Adele.”

“The thought crossed my mind, sure, but I wasn’t going to actually do it.”

Jim huffed out a short laugh. “You were fuming. I’d invaded your home, insulted your husband and ridiculed your life. Given half the chance you’d have done far worse.”

He watched her glance at the clock again and then, with as much dignity as she could muster, sit down opposite him. “If you say so.” Her poise was impressive.

“Is your husband due to call? I’m assuming he’s away in London with work.”

“I’m not even going to ask how you know where he works and yes, he usually calls around now.”

“In that case, let’s go over the rules quickly shall we? One, what I said to you in the classroom last week still applies and will continue to apply as long as you live. Two, I am in charge. I don’t mind a little sass from you, in fact, I rather like it but you do not challenge my authority again. Three, you don’t keep secrets from me. If there’s anything I need to know about, you tell me. If something happens or is going to happen that could place either of us in jeopardy, you tell me. And four, you will not harm me in any way. Oh, and I don’t like the police so wherever possible don’t involve them in our affairs.”

“Is that it?” Mrs. Spritz asked coolly.

Jim grinned and said, “For now, yes.”

“Good, because Chris’s going to be calling me on Skype and he’s not used to me answering naked whilst a teenage boy plays on his computer in the background.”

Still smirking Jim said, “You mean you don’t invite all your students over for private tuition?”

“Is that what we’re going to be telling my husband is happening?”

“Is your husband an idiot?”

“No.” Mrs. Spritz sounded affronted at the suggestion.

“Then we tell him a version of the truth. Tell him that you found out my father was abusing me and you’re giving me a place to stay until I can find somewhere else. Oh and,” Jim stared for a moment at Adele’s breasts before continuing “get dressed. A nice blouse and skirt combination should do. You won’t need any knickers.”

When the call from her husband arrived Mrs. Spritz was sat ready and waiting. She was squirming slightly as the plugs that filled both her ass and vagina moved within her. Along with the jelly plug that now sat snugly inside her pussy, Jim had placed a remote control bullet vibrator against her clitoris. He’d been amusing himself by turning it off and on at random. She was under orders to not show any signs of sexual arousal or pleasure during the call and Jim was curious to see how it would play out. Her skirt was spread around her, ensuring her bare pussy was pressed against the chair. He’d tested to make sure that the vibrator couldn’t be heard when it went off. It lived up to its promise of ‘whisper quiet’.

He watched from his chair in the back of the room as his teacher took a deep breath and accepted the video request.

“Hello there my Pumpkin…Who the hell is that?” Chris was looking past his wife and directly at Jim. Jim spared him a glance, then returned his focus to his computer screen.

“Urm, I was meaning to tell you. He’s a student from one of my classes-”

“OK, and what’s he doing in our house ‘Dellie?”

She lowered her voice and leaned in towards the screen. “I was giving him some private tuition over Skype when his Dad came upstairs and…Chris his Dad was trying to break down his door. When I asked what was going on he told me not to worry, that he’d had it re-enforced years ago. His own bedroom door Chris. He’d paid to have it secretly re-enforced! I couldn’t let him stay there, but he had nowhere else he could go…”

“So you let him stay at ours, of course you did. Did it ever occur to you that it might have been an act?” Jim saw Christopher looking over her shoulder at him suspiciously.

“You didn’t see his face Chris. And believe me when I say he’s not the kind of guy who likes to show weakness. He wasn’t faking it.”

“OK, so phone the police and let them find him a place.” When Adele started to protest again he added. “I’m not OK with having a stranger sleeping on my sofa ‘Dellie, I’m just not. I’m sorry. Besides, he hardly looks like he’s suffering to me.”

Jim decided it was time to step in and closed his laptop with a sigh before making his way over to stand behind his teacher. He knelt down until his face was in view and saw Christopher clench his jaw at Jim’s proximity to his wife. “I’m not here to steal your wife Sir. I’m here because my Father does this to me when he’s bored.” Jim unbuttoned his shirt and opened it to reveal his chest to the camera.

Mrs. Spritz gasped and covered her mouth, her husband recoiled saying, “What the fuck?”

Jim gave them a few more moments to take in the scarring before slowly refastening his top. “He used to joke that he never needed an ashtray when I was around. Thankfully he gave up smoking when I was thirteen so I only had to worry about the beatings after that.” His voice was calm and flat, he gave no indication of how uncomfortable he felt. Sometimes you had to endure a little hardship to get what you wanted from life.

“Phone the police right now.” Chris said to his wife.

“No.” Jim added equally forcefully. “The police can’t help and it’s my choice whether or not I tell them. Adelle understands and has given me her word that she won’t call them. I’m not looking to make my stay here permanent, you don’t have to worry.” Silently he pressed the button hidden inside his pocket to start the vibrator. Mrs. Spritz gave a slight start but otherwise remained composed as her clitoris began to vibrate slowly.

“Fine, then I’ll call them.” Chris picked up his phone and started to press buttons.

In desperation Jim thought Stop and Chris did. He looked confused and tried again to call 999. This time Jim silently ordered him not to call the police, that he’d changed his mind and wanted to continue his call with his wife instead. Chris frowned staring at his phone.

He shook his head and said, “Fuckit” before putting his phone away in his pocket. “Fine, if you don’t want to call the police that’s your issue but I’m still not OK with you being in my house.”

“Doesn’t your wife have any say in the matter?” Jim asked.

Mrs. Spritz flushed pink as her husband glowered at them. “It’s only short term Chris…”

“I’m coming home.”

“What? No honey, no you don’t need to-”

“All the paperwork’s finished here and Joanna can tie up the details. Don’t argue ‘Dellie. You can’t invite a man to live in our house without consulting me and expect there to be no repercussions.”

“Chris, I didn’t…Please, stay and finish your work. You don’t need to-”

“DON’T NEED TO?” He roared. “Don’t need to what, come back? And why’s that Adele? Are you fucking him and thought that inviting him over would give you easy access to your boy toy?”

“We aren’t having sex.” Jim said in a bored tone as he increased the speed of the vibrator.

“Shut the fuck up. This is between my wife and I. If I want your opinion I’ll ask for it.”

Jim tilted his head slightly as if thinking and then said, “Fine. See you in a few hours I suppose.”

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