One Ring – Chapter 4b & Chapter 5

Apologies for the delay on this chapter. A number of people have asked that I make my chapters a bit longer, so I hope this is more to your liking. It’s a big one. As per previous chapters the same warnings apply, dark content and dubious consent lie within. I will also add that this chapter contains MMF scenes, so bear that in mind as well.

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Chapter 4a and Chapter 1

Chapter 4b

This picks up where the short chapter from the New Year left off



Half an hour after he got off the train Dean was staring out of the window of a taxi, taking in the strange sandstone houses and small winding roads of the UK. He watched the people of Nottingham go about their business, studiously ignoring one another as they did so. The light in this part of the world was strangely blue, and he found himself staring at the oddly grey/black colour pallet that the people here chose to wear. No wonder the English thought the rest of the world was so loud and brash. They walked around as if they were attending a funeral every day.

A car horn honked and he saw a glum-looking man turn his collar up against the drizzle that was starting to fall.

Tiberius had finally stopped talking, and as the taxi pulled up to yet another set of traffic lights, Dean turned to see what had happened to shut the Demon up.

Dean stared as a young man stood, frozen in place, whilst paramedics wheeled a body, discreetly covered in plastic, from an unremarkable terraced house. The man had wrapped his thin arms around his body protectively and seemed to shrink as the doors of the Ambulance were closed behind whoever was on the gurney. As the lights changed and the taxi moved on, he saw a Police officer remove her hat and stoically approach the still staring man.


Jim clasped his arms tighter as the officer approached him. Absently he catalogued her details whilst running over the night before in his mind.

How had this happened? He’d opened his front door to see his Father on the floor, his head lying in a dried pool of blood and his eyes, clouded, staring unseeingly at the wall. Jim didn’t know why he’d done it, but he’d walked slowly over and tried, despite all available evidence, to find a pulse.

He’d still been there, bent over his Father’s body, when the Paramedics arrived. He hadn’t even remembered calling them, but looking down he saw the phone in his hand and could hear the operator calling his name. He felt soft hands helping him stand and looked up into his neighbour’s startled face. She took the phone from him and talked to the lady on the other end whilst she guided him outside.

Sandra had handed him his phone before turning to talk to her husband. Jim had drifted away. He hadn’t expected it to feel like this. In all the mental plays he’d put on in his mind he’d never once stopped to consider what it would feel like to actually see the man lying dead on the floor. He’d realised too late that he was in shock but luckily the paramedics and police officers didn’t think it was abnormal. They assumed he was mourning the loss of his Father. He took a second to make a mental note that he’d have to ensure the people around him had no reason to question the idea, once he’d processed it all.

He looked down at his right hand. No matter how tightly he gripped his arm, it wouldn’t stop shaking.

“Why won’t it stop shaking?” He asked the officer, interrupting her mid-way through an explanation of what was happening with his Father’s body.

“Excuse me?”

“My hand, why won’t it stop shaking?” Jim was used to being in control, and he was having trouble coming to terms with not being able to make his body do what he wanted it to.

“You don’t need to worry Sir, its normal for people who suffer a sudden loss. The paramedics should have offered assistance-”

“I don’t need their help.” Jim snapped before he saw the young officers face. “I mean, sorry. I’m just not used to all of this.”

The officer smiled kindly. “It’s OK Sir. I’d hope that no one ever has to get used to it. Here,” she held out her hand “let me take you to someone who can sort it out for you?”

It took Jim a beat too long to make the decision, but he saw the lady smile when he clasped her warm hand with his ice cold one and followed as she led him over to the first aider.


The whole day had been filled with too many questions, too much touching and enough lies to make even Jim’s considerable memory start to waver. After the police had uncovered his social services files the questions had become a little more pointed, but they weren’t anything he couldn’t handle. No one had seen him enter or leave the house the day before and after a few careful half-truths, they’d left him alone.

The house was his now, but it didn’t feel like it. There were too many memories here, too many ghosts lingered inside its walls. He’d waited until everyone had left, taken one look at the blood stained carpet – that apparently was now his responsibility to clean up – and left, not even bothering to lock the door behind him. The house could burn for all he cared. Maybe it would; he’d have to make his mind up about that later. For now, all he wanted, was to be away from the place.


It was dark by the time he got back to Mrs Spritz’s house and from the look on her face as she opened the door to greet him, Jim didn’t look any better than he felt.

“What happened?” Adele asked after taking his coat.

“My Father’s dead.” He saw his teacher’s shocked face and decided he should probably elaborate a bit. “He hit his head on the table after he fell over his own foot. Apparently, it’s more common than people think, especially for alcoholics.” He tried to inject a tone of levity into his voice and missed the mark by a mile. Realising his hand was shaking again Jim quickly shoved it into his pocket and caught himself before he jumped when Chris walked into the room.

“My condolences,” Chris said flatly. His face could have been cut from stone. The small part of Jim that wasn’t completely wrapped up with his current situation marvelled at the man’s poise.

“Thanks.” Jim managed to say before he turned away, sitting heavily on the sofa.

Adele looked hurriedly over to her husband before she cautiously made her way to sit next to Jim. Gingerly she patted his leg and said, “If there’s anything we can do to help, just let us know, OK?”

Jim had managed to keep his cool whilst he was out in public. He’d pretended to acknowledge the looks of sympathy, the offers of help and a bed for the night – “Because I’d hate to have to sleep in that house right now if I were you dear.” He’d born it all with stoic dignity and false smiles, but this was too much. He’d shown these people who he truly was. Didn’t they realise that he didn’t need anyone’s help? Hadn’t he shown them exactly how capable he was? He felt his hands balling into fists as if of their own accord. A moment later he practically exploded out of the chair. All the frustration, anger and fear of the day cascaded through him in a sudden burst of rage.

I don’t need anyone’s help! I’m glad the bastards dead! I’m not sad he’s gone, I couldn’t be fucking happier! I don’t need anything from you or Indiana Jones over there. Understand? If I want something, I take it. It’s that simple, and if I hear one more bullshit offer of sympathy from you, I swear I’ll make you regret it.” He looked down as his teacher flinched away from him. He realised that she expected him to hit her. To lash out. When she looked at him she didn’t see him for who he was at all; she saw a man like his father.

Without warning, bile spewed up his throat and he only just made it to the bin in time. It felt like every meal he’d ever eaten was flooding out of him. By the time it was over he was as white as a sheet and the muttered “Yeah, totally fine” that came from Chris made his blood boil all over again.

He didn’t need these people, and he certainly didn’t want them seeing him like this. The humiliation of what had just happened seared him far more than the acid now lining his throat. His mind spun. He had to get out of here, but first, he had to make sure they’d never tell anyone what had happened.

As he lowered the bin onto the desk and watched Adele silently clear it away he realised he only had two options. They either had to forget about him completely or disappear forever. It was that simple.

All of a sudden something that had been at the back of his mind clicked into place. A thrill ran up Jim’s spine as he realised exactly what had happened to his Father.

He stood stock still.

He remembered how much he’d wanted it. He felt the humiliation and hatred of the other day all over again. He could practically hear the sounds as his Father drunkenly stumbled and fell, one floor below him, whilst he sat staring at his naked teacher on his computer screen…He’d killed the man that had made his life a living hell, and no one, bar the two other people in this room, could ever stand a chance at guessing how it had happened. No one could prove a thing.

Slowly, as Jim returned to the present, he looked at his teacher and her husband. Adele was scurrying around, finding busy work in an effort to escape his wrath, Chris simply watched him, tensed for whatever might come his way.

Jim took a deep, slow breath and smiled for the first time that day. He now knew exactly what he was going to do with the two of them.

He twirled his ring and heard its click. Calm settled over him as he watched his two companions twitch, simultaneously, at the noise.

Chapter 5


Jim couldn’t quite put his finger on the moment he’d decided to go to Sebastian’s uptown apartment, but as he set eyes on his friend’s tired face, he knew it had been the right call.

He swept past the slightly shorter man as he opened the door and Sebastian, for his part, stood aside to let him in.

Sighing and tying the cord on his navy blue dressing gown tighter Sebastian looked at the grandfather clock on the wall. It was well past midnight. Resignedly he asked, “What’s happened this time? Who’s secretly plotting to overthrow your evil empire now?”

Jim ignored him and went directly to the mini-bar. He poured himself a double whiskey and drank it down straight. Wincing at the burn, he coughed slightly as he said, “He’s dead. The bastards dead.”

“What?” Sebastian brushed sleep from his eye and stared blankly at Jim.

“My Father’s dead.”

“Shit.” Sebastian sat down on his sofa, and Jim saw him actually start to focus on what was happening. “Who do I need to send the thank you flowers to?”

Jim smiled darkly and finally let himself relax. Yes, coming over to Sebastian’s place had been the right decision.

“I don’t know, can you send flowers to a living room table?” Sebastian looked confused. “He tripped over his own foot and went head first into it,” Jim explained.

Sebastian let out a bark of laughter and got up to pour himself a glass, refilling Jim’s as he did so. Raising his tumbler, he offered a toast “To pointless, decorative, shit, living room tables everywhere. We now know what you’re good for. Never change!”


Dean looked around the Spartan hotel room and tried not to contemplate what the desk clerk had thought when he’d walked in with Tiberius following silently behind him, and asked for a room. To be fair to the man he hadn’t even blinked at the two of them and had simply tapped his keyboard a few times before saying that room 24B was free.

Dean had been so relieved that he’d blurted out “I’ll take it.” Without even thinking to ask for more details.

As he stared at the neatly turned down double bed in front of him, he wondered if, in hindsight, he shouldn’t have been as enthusiastic as he had been. But a bed was a bed he supposed. It wasn’t like the demon actually needed sleep.

Tiberius poked his head out of the bathroom door and raised an eyebrow. “The showers big enough for two, you really should freshen up. It’s been a long trip.”

Dean ran a hand through his hair and prayed to whatever god might be listening, for the patience to see this through to the end.

“They aren’t that big on return messages, but I can pass something on for you if you like.” Tiberius quipped.

“Please tell me you can’t read my mind,” Dean said desperately, pinching between his eyes to stave off a headache.

“Of course I can’t. I can hear your prayers though.” Dean stared at him in disbelief. “What? You think they don’t delegate down there? The boss is a busy guy you know.” The demon rested a hand on his hip and took in Dean’s face. “I think it’s simply adorable that you seem to think that just because we fell, we can’t hear your desperate little messages anymore, I really do. Nieve is always a good look on any human.”

“That’s it.” Dean slammed his bag down onto the bed. “I don’t care where you go or what you do, but you aren’t spending the rest of the night with me. Fuck off!”

“Fine.” Tiberius pouted. “You’re no fun anyways.”

Dean watched as the Demon practically flounced out of his hotel room and he decided not to imagine what it was going to get up to now that he wasn’t there to stop it. He wasn’t stupid enough to wonder what the worst that could happen was. He’d studied his ancient history.

Tiberius had been right about one thing though. He did need a shower. After checking that Tiberius really had left, he went into the bathroom and firmly locked the door behind him. The shower was like the bedroom; simple, Spartan, but perfectly suited for its job.

He sniffed at a tiny bottle of complimentary shower gel and shrugged. It was good enough. Stripping out of the clothes he’d spent the last 24 hours in he turned the shower controls to hot and waited until steam began to rise from the stall before stepping in.

“Oh fuck yes!” The water was practically scalding his skin, but as the droplets hit him, he felt the worries of the day fall away. Indulgently he let his hands roam across his body and thought about how the ladies of the compound might reward him when he finally made it back home.


“I’m here for your friend,” Tiberius said as he pushed past the confused and well-muscled young man who’d opened the apartment door. It was dark outside, and Tiberius’s scheme to have Dean send him away had worked perfectly. Now all he needed to do was find the man that had the second ring, and he could set the rest of his plan into motion. He’d seen him as they’d been driven towards that awful hotel and had trusted the magic that linked him to the ring to take him to where he needed to go. It hadn’t steered him wrong in the past and so when he’d ended up in front of an apartment that screamed ‘I have more money than I know what to do with’ he’d shrugged and rung the bell. Apparently, he’d interrupted the world’s smallest celebration if the empty glasses and half-filled whisky bottle were anything to go by.

Silently lamenting the youth of today, Tiberius soldiered on. “I’m presuming you know him.” He ignored the stranger’s increasingly angry glare and glanced around the room looking for his target. “About yay high, skinny, has hair like Harry Potter. Ah, there you are!”

He watched a slim young man turn and stare at him. His head delicately cocked to one side. He didn’t seem alarmed that a strange man had barged into his friend’s house, nor that his friend was quite subtly moving into position behind said man in order to, Tiberius assumed, choke him out. He just stared.

Plastering the best shit eating salesman’s grin he could onto his face, Tiberius announced, “I’m Tiberius. I’m here to talk to you about your new ring and I’d rather not have to hurt your friend but if he does try to take me down…well, let’s just say that eating without your arms isn’t as fun as it sounds. Although, from a bystander’s perspective, it does make for a decently entertaining afternoon.”

He heard a grunt from behind him but smiled when the man with the ring shook his head ever so slightly. He felt the subtle shift as the muscle behind him backed off.

“A wise decision.” Tiberius stepped forwards and held out his hand. He saw the man’s eyes widen ever so slightly and the momentary jerk of his leg as he stopped himself from backing away. This is going to be too easy he thought as he asked for the name of the man who was finally going to set him free.


Jim made an effort to ensure that the stranger believed he had the upper hand. The first rule of any negotiation, as far as he was concerned, was to make the opposition believe that they were smarter than you. He played up the fear just a little and saw the small smile widen ever so slightly on the face of the man calling himself Tiberius.

Tiberius, that name had to be made up, Jim thought. No one in their right mind would name their child that these days. Apparently, this guy wanted to make believe he was an Emperor. Well, Jim could work with that. He could play at being the uneducated commoner, easily impressed by long words and flashy outfits. Or should he take the other route? Maybe he should show at least a few of his cards up front. The stranger appeared to know about the ring, so going on the offensive might well be his best plan. He didn’t want Sebastian hearing too much, and people tended not to talk for long when Jim was bearing down on them. He knew Sebastian would rather die than betray him, but someone can’t accidentally let slip details about things they don’t know.

“So,” Jim said, “Do you routinely go about declaring your affiliation to ancient Roman paedophiles or is it an in-joke that I’m supposed to be too stupid to understand?”

To his surprise, the stranger positively beamed at him. He almost clapped his hands as if Jim had performed an adorable magic trick.

“You know your classics!” Tiberius exclaimed happily. “I have to admit; the name was rather the Robert of its day. Picked up a bit when you know who came into power, of course. This body already had the name when I found it, unfortunately. It just seemed to stick around after I moved in, no matter how hard I tried to change it. I gave up in the end and decided to roll with it.” Jim watched as the man rubbed at his slightly rounded belly. “Statesmen never change, no matter what century you live in.”

“You found your body in ancient Rome?” Jim asked as evenly as he could manage.

“Yes. I’m a demon you see. I’m the reason that magical ring you have works.” Jim continued to stare. “Look, let me show you.”

Tiberius turned to the man that had, despite backing off a bit, still been looming behind him. “From the smell of things, you have a female upstairs am I right?”

The man glared pointedly at him and squared his shoulders but didn’t answer.

Tiberius sighed and did his best to reassure the stranger. “She’s not going to come to any harm, in fact, I can guarantee she’ll enjoy herself immensely, as will you.” He tried to lean over and pat the man on his shoulder but missed. He continued on regardless. “Now go be a good boy and fetch her for me, won’t you?” Tiberius flicked his wrist casually as if shooing Sebastian from the room.

Jim watched his friend’s leg twitch, trying to follow the order Tiberius had given, but the rest of him stayed put. His friend looked to Jim for an explanation, but he didn’t have one.

“Fascinating.” The demon said. “You really are loyal to the bone aren’t you my boy? Ah well, no worries. Our dear friend Mr Potter here has seen enough already to know what I’m saying is true and once his curiosity takes over, I’m sure we can get started. After all, I know exactly how creative he can be when he puts his mind to it.” He winked cartoonishly, but the muscular man continued to glower at him.

Ignoring the insinuation, Jim focused on laying down some ground rules. “Sebastian’s off limits. He’s mine. Try to control him again, and I’ll make whatever hell you came from seem like a tropical paradise.”

Tiberius grinned with almost paternal pride. “I’m sure you would my boy, I’m sure you would. But there’s no need to worry. The worst I could do to him is give him a mild headache. I don’t have much physical power over humans you see; my gift lies in the mind. It’s why the creator of that ring chose to use me to power it. It takes what meagre magical capacity I possess and amplifies it threefold.”

“Fuck off,” Sebastian said.

“It’s true Rambo. I’m a demon who specialises in desire. I can feel what you humans want as easily as you feel the sun on your face and the wind in that beautiful chestnut hair of yours. I can read people even better than your friend here.”

Sebastian sneered, and Jim decided to intervene before things got ugly. He had to find out if what Tiberius was saying was true. The man was smart, Jim would give him that. He’d only left him one option. Turning to his friend, he said, “Do you trust me, Sebastian?”

Taken off guard by the question, Sebastian’s focus switched from the stranger to Jim. Looking him dead in the eye Sebastian said, “Of course.”

“Good.” Jim allowed a reassuring smile to cross his lips before he added, “I need you to go and get Kate for me.” He knew he could have used the ring to force Sebastian to follow his instruction, but he couldn’t afford to lose the man’s trust.

“Atta boy, Harry.” Tiberius cheered.

“It’s Jim, and I’m not doing this so you can get your rocks off.”

“Of course, Jim, of course. I understand. Besides, I can do that anywhere. No, my boy, I came here for you. I’m on your side.”

Sebastian looked between the two men, dark eyes carefully assessing the situation. “I’m not gonna leave you alone with this lunatic.” He said.

Squashing his frustration Jim said, “I’ll be fine. He’s not here to hurt me.”

“Perish the thought.” Tiberius said dramatically.

“See?” Jim said. “I’m fine, but we’re going to need Kate’s help to sort this out.”

“I don’t trust him.” Sebastian stubbornly insisted.

“But you trust me?”

Sebastian grunted but finally relented. With a nod he left the room and walked soundlessly up the stairs.

The silence between Tiberius and himself lay thick, but Jim ignored it. It didn’t seem to bother the demon much either. Both the men were content in their own company. He heard the clink of glass against glass and knew that the creature was pouring itself a drink. Jim’s own mouth was dry as a bone, but there was no way he was going to move now.

“So, you’ve known Sebastian for how long?” Tiberius inquired absently.

Jim coughed and worked some saliva back into his mouth before answering, “Since I was thirteen.”

“And he’s been in love with you for how long?”

Jim stilled, thinking how best to answer. Apparently, there was a lot more to this world than Jim had previously thought and if this man was really what he claimed then Jim had to beat it at its own game. Tiberius might well be a demon, but Jim was a monster and Sebastian was his.

In the most casual tone he could muster Jim said, “Since he was about thirteen. I helped him out of an issue with an overly friendly neighbour who liked to take pictures and ‘house sit’ whilst his parents were away. Rich people never think it’s going to happen in their family, so when it does the fallout tends to be rather seismic. Sebastian got lost in the middle of it all. He needed someone to steady him. So I did.”

“All out of the kindness of your black little heart. How sweet.”

“Indeed.” Jim mirrored Tiberius’s mocking tone.

“And it had nothing to do with the fact that he’s built like a brick shit house and is wealthier than the Queen?”

Jim’s face remained blank. “Of course not.”

“Tell me then my boy, does he know what you’ve been up to lately? I mean, your teacher and her husband were quite the catch. Does he know what you did with them?” The demon leaned forwards, anticipating Jim’s answer.

“No, and you won’t breathe a word of it to him.” He hissed. “I know you’re here for more than just an impromptu how do you do. So if you ever want my help with whatever you’re planning, you keep what you know about me to yourself.”

“Of course, of course.” Tiberius waved Jim’s ire away with his stumpy fingers. “You never have to worry about that my lad. Like I said before, I’m on your side.”

“You say that like it’s supposed to mean something,” Jim said, narrowing his eyes, annoyed that the demon was keeping things from him.

“Oh it’s nothing you need to worry about, besides, I think our guest of honour is arriving.” Tiberius pointed to the ceiling where footsteps could clearly be heard.

“This isn’t over,” Jim warned.

Tiberius raised his glass in salute and turned to watch Sebastian lead a tired looking blond woman down the stairs.

Kate was yawning and looked mildly confused when she saw the two men in the living room. The thin strap of her black silk nightdress hung off her left shoulder, and her blonde ringlets were frizzy from sleep. She barely came up to Sebastian’s shoulder, but she was the same age as Jim and had attended both junior and high school with the two of them. She’d gone on to follow Sebastian into University despite openly mocking the whole UK education system. Like Sebastian, she came from money.

She wasn’t a bad person, not compared to Jim anyway, but he disliked the way she’d led Sebastian on over the years. He’d fallen for her holier than thou bullshit about wanting to ‘wait until I’m married’ before she’d even let him see her naked. They even slept in separate rooms.

So Jim had been forced to listen patiently to Sebastian’s late-night complaints about how blue his balls were – because apparently, that’s what friends do – and he’d smiled politely whenever she came around to see him. He just hoped that this whole thing was heading in the direction Jim thought it was. It would be worth every sleepless night and bitten back retort if it did.

Jim barely paid her any mind, but Tiberius openly stared.

“My dear, may I just say that you look simply ravishing.” The demon raised his glass and smiled warmly at her.

Kate quickly glanced in his direction and then back towards Jim. “Who’s he?” She asked, her voice still raspy from sleep.

“A friend.” Jim made his way to stand by Sebastian. To his immense relief, his friend didn’t move to protect Kate. He still trusted him at least.

“OK, we’re here. Would you mind telling me why the fuck I did this?” Sebastian demanded.

“Do you really want me to answer that honestly boy? Because, whilst I doubt anyone here would truly be shocked by the answer, as far as I can make out it’s not something you ‘modern’ folk usually discuss, openly at least.”

“I need to know if what Tiberius is telling me is the truth.” Jim cut in, trying to calm the situation.

“You actually think you have magical powers?” Sebastian’s tone questioned Jim’s sanity and Jim felt himself bristle slightly.

“No Seb, but I know this ring does and if he,” Jim pointed towards where the demon was now sitting, lazily sipping at his drink, “is really the reason for it, then I need to know how and why it works.”

“Oh I think we both know you’ve figured out how it works Jimmy.”

“Call me that again and I’ll have Sebastian throttle you.”

Tiberius chuckled as he took another long swig of whiskey. “I’m just here to show you how you can refine your technique dear boy, nothing more.” He ignored Jim’s glare and continued, “For example. Take this fine lady right here. She’s as pure as the summer’s dawn but she’s also riddled with all manner of repressed desires. Most of which, I may add, involve the strapping young man to your left.”

“What?” Kate squeaked.

“Demon or not I’ll break your jaw-” Sebastian threatened.

“Quiet!” Jim ordered. They both fell silent and Sebastian turned to him in shock. He’d felt the magic. “Like I said, I need more information. It’s OK Seb, I promise.” He squeezed his friends arm reassuringly and waited until the tension left before saying “Go on” to Tiberius.

“Thank you.” The demon said, inclining his head politely. “As I understand it you’ve learned that that little ring of yours has the power to control and force people to bend to your will, however, from what I’ve seen, you haven’t really paid much attention to what it can do to the minds of those you wish to involve yourself with.”

Jim cocked his head to the side, listening intently.

“I asked Rambo here to invite his delightful friend downstairs to demonstrate this very point. She’s allowing her fear to rule her life.” The demon looked at Sebastian and added “Jim can take that away and ensure she remains entirely satisfied with the outcome, I assure you.”

Sebastian started to lunge forward but Jim held his arm in front of the other man to block him and asked “How?”

“It’s all about motivations. Change the driving force behind their decision-making processes, and you can unlock all kinds of potential in people, I assure you.”

“Start telling me something I don’t know before I lose my temper.” Jim said coldly.

Tiberius ignored him and continued. “I’d say that this little one,” he pointed languidly at Kate “would be easily motivated by the desire to please. Rambo on the other hand.” He paused and lent back into his chair in shock. He turned to Jim looking rather begrudgingly impressed and said. “I think you’ve worked him out already haven’t you?”

Jim said impatiently “I don’t need junior psych 101, I need instructions.”

Tiberius sighed dramatically. “Just look her in the eye and tell her that everything she does from now on is to make you happy; and that pleasing you will make her happy as well.”

“Jim I swear-” Sebastian moved to block his girlfriend from view as she did her best to hide behind his bulky frame.

“Seb.” He looked at his friend’s frightened face. “Trust me.”

He watched the internal struggle play itself out across Sebastian’s face. He wanted to protect Kate but at the same time, doing so would betray the trust he had in Jim.

“Seb?” Kate asked quietly. “What are they talking about?”

“Nothing honey, it’s OK.” Sebastian tried to soothe her whilst still staring at his best friend.

“You know I’d never betray you Seb.” Jim insisted. “I wouldn’t ask you to do this if it wasn’t important.”

He let that sink in, and before long he heard the exhale as Sebastian let go of the breath he’d been holding. Decision made Sebastian took a step to the side and allowed Jim to look down at a silently trembling Kate.

She had her arms folded protectively across her chest and Jim could see the slight glisten of a tear forming in her eye. He knelt down on one knee and her gaze reflexively followed the movement. Now <i>she</i> was looking down at <i>him</i> and he smiled kindly up at her. She kept her arms in place but, Jim noted with delight, her trembling had slowed. It was time to test out Tiberius’s suggestion.

“Do you trust me, Kate?” He asked.

“I, I don’t know any more.”

“It’s OK. I know a lot of people don’t. They think I’m strange.”

“I don’t think-” Kate began to reassure him.

“I know. As I said, it’s OK.” He turned his head and looked up at Sebastian who was hovering close by. “I don’t have many rules when it comes to people, Kate. Not many at all. But ever since I first saw your boyfriend, I’ve had one simple rule, and I’ve never broken it, not once. Do you want to know what it is Kate?”

“Yes?” She said it as more of a question, hedging her bets in case it was the wrong answer.

Still looking up at Sebastian Jim said, “Whatever Sebastian wants, Sebastian gets. Sebastian’s never let me down, not in all the years we’ve known each other and I’m not going to let him down now.” He turned back to Kate who was openly staring at him. “I’d never betray my friend Kate.”

Before she had a chance to speak Jim reached forward and took her delicate hand in his cold fingers. She flinched slightly but was otherwise silent and didn’t interrupt when he started to speak. “Kate, I want you to listen to me very closely, and you have to tell the truth OK?” She nodded, and he continued, “Do you love Sebastian?”


“Is Sebastian a good boyfriend?”


“Do you want to make him happy?”

“Of course.”

“Jim-” Sebastian tried to cut in, but Jim ignored him.

“Then from now on, I want you to ask yourself, ‘would what I’m doing make Sebastian happy?’ Your purpose for living from now on is to make Sebastian happy. When he’s happy, you’re happy, do you understand me?”

“Yes.” Kate nodded to emphasize her point. She blinked rapidly as the magic of the ring sank in, and her mind shifted gears.

“And as for you.” Jim rose up to his full height, only a few centimetres taller than Sebastian, but still enough to give him a slight edge. “I don’t deny you what you want, so you won’t deny me.” It wasn’t a magical command, but it was a command nonetheless.

Sebastian met his gaze but kept his breathing steady. Without breaking eye contact, he asked, “So what is it you want?”

“The same thing you’ve wanted ever since Kate agreed to be your girlfriend.” For a second Sebastian looked confused. “Can’t you think of anything you’ve wanted from Kate that she hasn’t given you Seb?”

“Well yeah, but…seriously?”

Kate was watching the two men and when she heard Sebastian speak she automatically perked up. “Seb honey, what is it? I’ll give it to you babe, I swear. I just want to make you happy.”

Sebastian looked down at his girlfriend. “You’re one twisted fuck, Jim.”

Jim clasped his hands behind his back and moved to stand behind his friend. Looking over his shoulder at the blonde girl staring hopefully at Sebastian he whispered, “Tell me something we both don’t already know.” Into his ear then added. “Answer her Sebastian, or I will.” He felt his friend shudder as his breath ghosted across his neck.

“I can’t. This isn’t really her Jim.”

“Of course it is. She’s still the same person, I’ve just given her a new outlook on life.” Kate was practically vibrating on the spot, desperate to know how she could please her man. “Don’t deny me, Sebastian,” Jim said, laying his hand heavily on his friend’s shoulder. Sebastian’s breath caught, but the demand was verbal, not magical. He was free to make his own choices.

“Please Seb, I need to know what it is,” Kate begged.

Sighing heavily Sebastian gave in. “Sex Kate, its sex. I’m just like any other guy on the planet. I want to fuck.”

“Oh.” Kate looked a bit stunned for a second before she said. “OK. Where do you want to do it?”

“What? Kate, no. You said that you weren’t ready, you said-“

“That was before silly. I was just all hung up about what my friends would say. I don’t care anymore though.” She beamed up at him. “I want to do it.” Without any hint of embarrassment, she began to slip out of her nightdress.

“No!” Sebastian shouted and ran to pull it back up over her shoulder before her breast was exposed. “No Kate, I don’t want you to have sex with me just because I want to have sex with you. I want you to want to have sex with me.”

Kate took a moment to go over what her boyfriend had just said. When she answered it was with a confused, “But I do want to?”

“Sebastian,” Jim said firmly.

“This isn’t right. I’m not going to rape my girlfriend so that you can get off watching it.”

“Rape me?” Kate looked between the two men, suddenly worried.

“It’s not rape if she wants to do it now is it Sebastian?”

“It’s not her making the decisions.”

“Yes, it is,” Kate said. “I want to do this.” She began to take off her nightdress again, and this time when Sebastian tried to stop her, she pushed his hands away. “Look, we both want this. I’ve wanted you for so long that I can’t even remember when it started. Hell, I followed you into University, I wanted you that badly. I don’t know why but I let my fear stop me from doing anything with you. Please, Sebastian, I want this.”

Jim knew Sebastian was close to breaking and he had to play it carefully. If he went in too heavy, he’d lose him, but if he didn’t push enough he wouldn’t get what he wanted, and gods did he want this. Mrs Spritz had been nothing compared to the thought of watching the most Saintly girl he’d ever had the misfortune of knowing, begging Sebastian to fuck her.

“I think we could take it slowly to start off with, don’t you Seb?” Jim offered.

His friend jumped at the lifeline. “Yeah, slowly, yeah.”

“How about you give him a blowjob, Kate. He’s been dying for one of those for years.”

“What?” Sebastian said in alarm.

“Really? Oh Seb, honey, you should’ve said something.” She’d finally gotten her dress off and was shimmying out of her underwear as she spoke.

“How about you take off that robe too Sebastian? After all, it’s only fair.” Jim smirked as his friend’s eyes widened in shock. Sebastian had hardly ever seen this side of Jim before.

Jim had phrased his instruction as a question, but he saw Sebastian’s momentary freeze as the order hit. His cheeks flushed slightly, and he glared before following the command and letting the robe fall to the floor.

Kate’s eyes widened at the sight of him, and Jim suddenly realised that she must never have seen her boyfriend naked before. She was gazing at him like he was her world and before Sebastian had a chance to say anything she’d dropped to her knees and taken his rapidly hardening cock into her mouth.

“Careful,” Jim advised, “no teeth.”

Kate nodded and continued on her mission to get as much of Sebastian inside of her mouth as she could.

Jim walked over to Sebastian again and ran his hand possessively down his back. Sebastian closed his eyes and tried not to make a sound. “I told you. What Sebastian wants, Sebastian gets.”

“I – Oh fuck – I – Not like – Fuck Jim you’re a bastard.”

Jim chuckled and watched Kate run her hands down the back of Sebastian’s legs. “I never pretended otherwise.”

“True.” Sebastian gasped as Kate choked a little on his cock and repositioned herself so it wouldn’t happen again. “I never said it was a bad thing. I just – Fuck, yeah, like that, keep going – I just wanted one good person in my life, that’s all.”

Jim let his finger glide up Sebastian’s well-muscled arm and across his toned shoulders. This time Sebastian did moan. “My apologies.” He said. “It wasn’t my intention to upset you. I can make her stop if you want?”

“No!” Sebastian said it so fast Jim was sure he was acting on pure instinct. “I mean, it’s OK.” He was practically transfixed as Kate sucked and licked his dick with complete abandon. She looked as if she wanted nothing more than his cock gliding in and out of her mouth forever. “Oh God Kate, so good.” He reached down and gently rested his hand on the back of her head. Jim could hear her humming contentedly.

Leaning in close Jim said into his friend’s ear, “You know I’m going to have to punish you for defying me earlier, don’t you?”

Sebastian’s hips had started to gently rock and as Jim spoke he closed his eyes and let his head fall back a bit before gasping out “Yes.”

“If you were me, what would you do I wonder?” Jim asked absently as he stroked the short hairs behind Sebastian’s ear.

The man shivered, and Jim saw his hand tighten in his girlfriend’s hair for a few seconds before he managed to say, “Was that meant for me?”

“Yes.” Jim leant in close so that his lips were almost touching Sebastian’s ear. “I wonder, could you come up with something that could satisfy someone like me?”

“You’re not as mysterious as you think you are,” Sebastian said panting as Kate continued to learn everything she could about his dick. “The question is, what happens when what I want clashes with what you want?”

“Go on,” Jim said, sounding almost amused.

“I, oh God, I really want to cum.”

“I see. So sufficient punishment, as far as you’re concerned, would be me preventing you from doing that?”

“You aren’t that hard to figure out mate. Shit. That’s so good babe.” Sebastian said looking down at Kate, who looked up and tried to smile around his cock. “Shit.” Sebastian closed his eyes and leaned back into Jim. “You get off on control.”

“And you get off on being controlled.” Jim retorted, wrapping his right arm around Sebastian’s chest and gliding his fingers around the base of his neck. “So tell me, do you want to cum more than you want me to stop you from cumming?”

Jim actually felt Sebastian’s breathing quicken and his muscles tense before, decision made, he relaxed into his friend once again. “Like I said. You’re a bastard.”

“And you belong to me.” Jim’s voice was stern and full of authority as he wrapped his hand further around Sebastian’s throat. “You don’t cum until I say you can.” Sebastian’s whole body shuddered, but he lent further into Jim. “I think the foreplay’s over don’t you?”

“Yeah.” Sebastian’s voice was thick, and he moaned as Kate finally took her mouth off his dick and asked hopefully, “So, sex now?”

“Remind me what she’s studying again?” Jim asked Sebastian quietly.

“Bioengineering.” He moaned.

“Right. We might have to work on her social skills later on.”

“Fine by me,” Sebastian said as Jim helped Kate back to her feet.

“So where are we doing it?” She asked excitedly.

Jim looked over at the dining table. It was made of old, sturdy Oak and was the perfect height for Sebastian to really let loose and have some fun. “The table.” He said and nodded to where he was looking.

“Cool!” Kate said, and before either man could move, she’d jumped up onto it and spread her legs wide. “So, how’d you want me, babe?”

Sebastian was lost for words and appeared to be suffering some sort of internal systems failure. Jim decided it was best to give his friend some breathing room. He walked over to where Kate sat and gently positioned her so that she was lying with her back on the wood and her legs in the air. All the while reassuring her that Sebastian was watching and she was doing a brilliant job. When he was satisfied with the way Kate was laid out he called “Sebastian.” At the tone of command Sebastian startled from his daze. “Take her ankles and spread them as wide as you can,” Jim ordered.

Acting on a kind of autopilot, Sebastian did as he was told. Before long he was gazing down at his naked girlfriend, spread-eagled and smiling below him. Finding his voice, Sebastian said, “I take it all back. Thank you.”

Jim huffed out a short laugh and resumed his position behind his friend. Looking down at Kate he said, “Sebastian’s going to let go of this leg now” and tapped the one on his right “I want you to keep it like this when he does.”

“Sure.” Kate said and beamed up at her boyfriend. “Anything for you honey.”

Jim saw Sebastian’s cock give an involuntary twitch out of the corner of his eye. “Seb,” he said to draw his attention back onto himself. “Let go of her leg.” He did as he was told. “Stroke her pussy with your thumb.”

“Are you gonna tell me how to fuck her too?” Sebastian quipped, but he did as he was told.

“Only if I get bored,” Jim said and reached down to direct his friend’s hand to circle Kate’s clit. Her already heavy breathing turned into openly delighted moans.

“Since when did you become the expert on women?” Sebastian asked in surprise.

“The internet can teach you many things, my friend.” Jim quipped dryly. “Besides, it’s fun to watch you both squirm.”


“Sycophant,” Jim replied and directed his friend’s middle finger into Kate’s tight hole. She gasped in surprise and tensed at the sudden intrusion but soon relaxed when Sebastian drew patient circles around her clit again. Before long Sebastian was rocking his finger in and out of her and the noises she made were music to Jim’s ears.

Jim was painfully hard, so when Sebastian moved to find a better angle to finger fuck his girlfriend and brushed up against him, he had to bite down on his own lip to stop from making a sound.

Sebastian didn’t say anything, but Jim saw his smile.

Instead of shying away as he usually would have, Jim leaned in closer, pressing his entire body against his friend. He froze in surprise, and Jim capitalised on the moment of shock by reaching around him to slip his own finger inside of Kate. At the same time, he placed his other hand possessively against Sebastian’s bare hip; laying claim to them both in one calculated move. Kate hissed slightly at the feeling of stretching between her legs but, as she had before, soon adjusted to the new sensation. Jim wrapped his free fingers around his friend’s hand and started up the steady fucking once again. Before long Kate was bucking against their hands and unabashedly calling out instructions.

“Left, down a bit, yes! There! Like that. Oh fuck Seb, I’m so close! Don’t stop.”

“I don’t think a tornado could stop me right now darling. Fuck, you look so good.”

“Seb! I’m gonna-“

Jim felt her muscles tighten around both of their fingers as she screamed out Sebastian’s name. Her hips bucked and it felt as though he was about to forever lose the use of his hand. It didn’t help that Sebastian was watching transfixed, quite unaware that he was involuntarily fucking the air with his hips as Kate rode out her orgasm.

Eventually, she relaxed, freeing their fingers. Sebastian brought his up to his mouth to taste, and Jim watched the utter look of bliss on his face as he did so.

“Do I taste good hun?” Kate asked innocently.

“The best.” He said, staring in awe at his girlfriend.

“Then you best make sure Jim’s clean too. You know how fussy he is about things like that.”

Jim did his best to hide the self-satisfied grin from his face. Clearly, Kate had picked up on how Sebastian felt about him too but had been too prudish to mention anything before. Judging from the look on Sebastian’s face he was thinking along similar lines. Cautiously Sebastian reached for Jim’s hand, and when he met no resistance from his friend, he brought his fingers up to his mouth and began to lick his girlfriend’s juices off of them.

The feeling of Sebastian’s tongue was like nothing he’d ever felt before. The strong muscle curled delicately around his digits, whilst simultaneously forcibly moving them around his mouth. Sebastian was still operating of his own volition, and the lack of passivity made the simple act all the more thrilling.

As he pulled free of his friend’s lips, it was his turn to cough awkwardly and break eye contact. His left hand had no doubt left bruises against Sebastian’s hip, but the man hadn’t even flinched. He’d just kept on watching Jim’s face. Studying him as a Lion would study an approaching Tiger. Sebastian wasn’t always a gentle giant, and they’d recognised the predator in each other early on in their relationship. Like Jim, Sebastian held no love for victimhood. They’d acknowledged the role that they could play in the other’s life, and it had worked out well for them. The balance was preserved. Still, it didn’t mean that they wouldn’t take a win whenever they could.

Jim groped for his right leg pocket and pulled out his wallet. With deft, if slightly wet, fingers he reached inside and pulled out a condom.

“You’ll be needing this.” He said to Sebastian and before the man had a chance to say anything Jim had ripped it open with his teeth and was pulling the latex from within the foil packaging. “Allow me.” Jim said as he delicately pinched the tip and reached around his friend to roll it down the length of his dick.

Sebastian watched, completely gobsmacked until Jim had finished and then said to no one in particular “This is officially the weirdest day ever.”

“You don’t know the half of it,” Jim muttered as he guided his friend towards Kate’s eagerly spread legs.

“And I don’t want to either. This is fine by me.” Sebastian pulled Kate a little closer to the edge of the table and ran the head of his dick over the outside of her pussy.

“Fuck Seb, I want you so badly right now I could scream,” She said desperately. “Please, just fuck me. I want to know what it’s like to have you inside of me for real.”

It didn’t take much more than that. Sebastian pushed slowly but steadily against her opening, giving her just enough time to adjust to him before he went in further. Before long he was fully inside of her, and they were both gasping for air as if they’d run a marathon.

“You OK babe?” Kate asked and let out a moan of surprise when Sebastian began to stroke her clit again.

“I’m perfect sweaty,” Sebastian said as he started to slowly rock his hips back and forth.

Jim was transfixed. Not even the light sheen of sweat covering Sebastian’s skin was bothering him. All he could do was watch as his friend’s dick slid in and out of Kate and her breasts bounce in time with the movement. Each time Sebastian pulled out of her he ground up against Jim’s cock, still trapped tightly within his clothing, and it felt amazing.

As they began to establish a rhythm, Jim allowed his hands to wander. He found Sebastian’s nipple and pinched it, hard. His friend let out a low, unexpected grunt and thrust more forcefully into Kate.

“So you are a masochist after all. Who’d of thought it?” Jim mused.

Jim twisted the nipple a little, and Sebastian hissed out between clenched teeth, “You, obviously.”

“Umm, obviously,” Jim said into the skin of his friend’s shoulder. Watching as Kate flushed pink with desire, still maintaining the pose Jim had placed her in right at the beginning of all of this. Experimentally Jim bit down into the soft skin where Sebastian’s neck met his shoulder. The man cried out, but he let his head fall away from Jim, exposing more of his skin. The forceful thrusts of a few moments ago had become quick and erratic jabs as the adrenaline rush of the pain washed over Sebastian’s mind.

“Please.” Sebastian begged, “Please Jim, I need to cum.”

“You cum when she does,” Jim growled. This time, when he bit down on Sebastian’s neck, he sucked as well, drawing blood into a bruise that would last a good few weeks.

Minutes passed like hours. It was torture having Sebastian move against him like he was and hearing Kate’s desperate, breathy moans as she inched her way closer to her next orgasm wasn’t helping. Sebastian was barely hanging on. Jim knew that if it hadn’t been for the order, he’d given to him, Sebastian would’ve lost it long ago. As it was, the man was shaking, focussed with the single-minded determination only someone pushed to the edge could. Everything he had was given over to the task of making Kate cum.

When it finally happened, Jim wasn’t sure who howled the loudest. Kate bucked and shook with abandon, declaring that she belonged body and soul to Sebastian. Sebastian practically collapsed onto her, fucking her until he could no longer move. Jim watched the two of them declare their love for as long as he could stand, pointedly coughing when he thought they’d had enough time to recover.

Kate giggled quietly when she saw Jim staring, and Sebastian shushed her. He sat up, and Jim revelled at the flush that chased its way up Sebastian’s neck and cheeks when he saw the very evident bulge in Jim’s trousers.

“Well that was quite the show, I must say.” Tiberius sang out to break the silence. “But there appears to be one amongst you that’s yet to be satisfied. You didn’t strike me as the selfless sort Mr Potter.”

“Oh, he isn’t, believe me,” Sebastian said cheerfully as he got to his feet.

“Flattery’ll get you everywhere.” Jim mocked as his friend took the few steps to stand in front of him. “So Seb, what do we do now?” The man didn’t say anything but he reached forward and began to unbutton Jim’s jeans. Jim raised the corner of his mouth in a devilish grin and said, “Interesting. But I hope you know I’m not going to be satisfied by a few tugs and a kiss goodnight.”

Sebastian snorted and dropped to his knees. “I’d hope not.” He said as he pulled Jim’s dick free.

“This is so hot.” Kate stage-whispered, but before Jim had a chance to answer, Sebastian had taken him into his mouth.


It was masterful. Watching the kid work was even more satisfying in person than it had been via the ring. Tiberius marvelled, as with a stern glance here and a soothing word there Jim successfully manoeuvred his friends into doing exactly what he wanted them to. He’d hardly even had to use his magic on the brute and now he was marking the man as his own. If he kept this up, Tiberius would be free in no time at all.


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