Magic, Muggles and Disappearing Cars

Muggles May Not Pass

OK, so I’ve decided there’s a portal at the end of our road, platform 9 3/4 style.

Evidence for this theory: 4 cars and a van have now gone down a road, that is a dead end due to road works (and there being a dug up hole in the road to boot) and have not come back.

Conclusion reached: There is a portal we are too mugglish to see and/or find ourselves.

I am sad. I am a muggle. I always hoped I’d end up a witch.

Alas, RIP my childhood dreams.

I can only conclude that these cars are being driven by very cunning witches and wizards because there is no other possible explanation for their disappearance. I hope that the portal is a Harry Potter style one and not like Torchwood. I hope it leads to a better, more wonderful world than ours. Otherwise they will find themselves burning in a dying star or else enslaved by evil alternate universe folks with big guns and scary masks.

Dear UK Mail van driver, I hope you are in a better world. I did go outside to check you weren’t the driver that was delivering our Xmas presents, but you had disappeared. I wish you well, wherever you have gone.

I am now going back to being ill and watching Youtube. Some mysteries, it seems, are not meant to be solved by Muggles.

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