200 Words Weekly

This last week has been very productive. My multitude of self imposed 200 words sessions are finally paying off.

I managed a total of around 6k words last week and got my chapter finished. I’m very pleased with myself. I have the plans for the next one to hand and already on the go. I’m having far too much fun to be allowed. It’s at times like this that I’m thankful I’m not religious, guilt free pleasure is the best. Life is good. So, what was there to report from last week?

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One Ring – Chapter 4b & Chapter 5

Apologies for the delay on this chapter. A number of people have asked that I make my chapters a bit longer, so I hope this is more to your liking. It’s a big one. As per previous chapters the same warnings apply, dark content and dubious consent lie within. I will also add that this chapter contains MMF scenes, so bear that in mind as well.

As always feedback and comments brighten my day, and I hope you all enjoy.

Chapter 4a and Chapter 1

Chapter 4b

This picks up where the short chapter from the New Year left off



Half an hour after he got off the train Dean was staring out of the window of a taxi, taking in the strange sandstone houses and small winding roads of the UK. He watched the people of Nottingham go about their business, studiously ignoring one another as they did so. The light in this part of the world was strangely blue, and he found himself staring at the oddly grey/black colour pallet that the people here chose to wear. No wonder the English thought the rest of the world was so loud and brash. They walked around as if they were attending a funeral every day.

A car horn honked and he saw a glum-looking man turn his collar up against the drizzle that was starting to fall.

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200 Words Weekly

This week has been a mixed bag. I’ve not failed in my words but in the goals I’ve set for myself outside of that…yeah. Also, coffee is the best drug ever. OK, fine, that title actually applies to penicillin, but whatever. Coffee Rocks.

So, without further procrastination…let’s look back at the week that has passed.

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Weekly 200 Word Round Up

This week has been an odd mixture of accomplishment and missing goals.

I’ve accomplished things in the sense that I’ve met my first Medium Article target (I shall be posting one every two weeks). I have also done way more exercise than I expected to – It turns out the mini-stepper was a good purchase.

I’ve missed my goals in the sense that I have allowed my life to get in the way of my writing and I’m annoyed by it. There wasn’t too much I could do about it, but I still did less than I knew I could. I let the doubt gremlin get in the way of what I know I can do.

I’m putting a stop to that this week though. So in the spirit of looking forwards, let’s take a look at the week that has passed!

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