200 Word Round-Up

Looking back over my weekly 200 words I’ve actually done quite a bit more than I expected on my story.

I’ve also procrastinated brilliantly. I’m having a little trouble with the last scene I need to write, but I’m going to make headway on it tonight.

Exerts from the week:
In which our hero reads through her diary and figures out what to put into her blog post that won’t spoil her story too much.

Learning All About Writing:

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What I’ve learned from Writing Excuses?

I’ve mainlined 4 seasons of Writing Excuses so far. I’m currently on season 5. So what have I learned?

One. How I write is not wrong.

I knew this deep down already but there was always a little worry at the back of my head that was saying that how I worked was somehow wrong. I don’t have a hugely detailed notebook that has entire character histories in it. Every detail of each scene is not planned out in minute detail…in fact, when I tried this I kind of froze up when it came to the writing. It really surprised me when it happened because every preconceived notion I had about ‘how you should write’ said that the words would just flow from me after I’d planned it all out. I now know why that wasn’t the case.

Apparently I’m a discovery writer.

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200 Word Challenge


I have written before about my friends challenge that I write 200 words a day, minimum. I have been doing this with increasing consistency and I have reached the point where I am comfortable enough in the practice that it can bleed across into my website.

Every week, on a Monday, I’ll post here and show you a collection of my random musings and little snippets from the stories I am either working on or write just to get the ideas down on paper for a later date.

Today I will include some snippets from both recent and more distant 200 words for your amusement.

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