One Ring – Chapter 4

Chapter 4 of One Ring, in which Jim plays with his new toys and we discover why an American and a Demon are in Nottingham, England.


Find Chapter 3 here.

Chapter 4

It took two and a half hours for Chris to make what should have been, according to Jim’s calculations, a three and a half hour journey. Jim wondered how many speed cameras the man had triggered and was quietly deciding whether or not he should make the fines ‘disappear,’ when he heard footsteps outside the door and a key being roughly shoved into the lock.

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One Ring – Chapter Three

Here is Chapter Three of One Ring. Find out what happens when Jim moves in with his teacher and just what her husband thinks of the whole situation.

Story Warnings: M/F, Mind Control, Dub Con, Oral Sex, Sex Toys.

Find Chapter 2 here.

Chapter 3

Mrs. Spritz opened her door after only three knocks and hid herself from view as Jim walked in, leisurely taking in his surroundings. She lived in a modern apartment complex and hadn’t bothered to repaint the walls from the standard white that every estate agent used throughout the land. Her furniture was plain but looked comfortable and she’d laid out pillows and a single duvet on a side table next to what must be a sofa-bed. He smiled at the hope that lay behind that gesture. He hadn’t quite decided if his teacher would be joining him yet, but he would most certainly not be the one sleeping on the sofa tonight.

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Chapter 2 – One Ring

Chapter 2 of One Ring: In which Jim decides to have some long distance fun with his teacher.


Find Part One Here.

That night Jim went to bed early. He could hear his father stumbling around on the floor below and had no inclination towards testing his patience this evening. Tonight was reserved for bigger things. He opened up his laptop and lay back against the headboard of his bed, a satisfied grin stretching across his face.

He’d solidified his plan as he’d walked home. He’d thought about it long and hard and decided that he was going to see just what had been happening to Mrs. Spritz over the last few weeks for himself. He’d instructed her to install Skype onto her home computer and had received a text in reply asking him how old he thought she was? Apparently she already had Skype. She’d followed it up with one that read she charged £40.00 an hour for private tuition. He’d laughed at that.

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Magic, Muggles and Disappearing Cars

Muggles May Not Pass

OK, so I’ve decided there’s a portal at the end of our road, platform 9 3/4 style.

Evidence for this theory: 4 cars and a van have now gone down a road, that is a dead end due to road works (and there being a dug up hole in the road to boot) and have not come back.

Conclusion reached: There is a portal we are too mugglish to see and/or find ourselves.

I am sad. I am a muggle. I always hoped I’d end up a witch.

Alas, RIP my childhood dreams.

I can only conclude that these cars are being driven by very cunning witches and wizards because there is no other possible explanation for their disappearance. I hope that the portal is a Harry Potter style one and not like Torchwood. I hope it leads to a better, more wonderful world than ours. Otherwise they will find themselves burning in a dying star or else enslaved by evil alternate universe folks with big guns and scary masks.

Dear UK Mail van driver, I hope you are in a better world. I did go outside to check you weren’t the driver that was delivering our Xmas presents, but you had disappeared. I wish you well, wherever you have gone.

I am now going back to being ill and watching Youtube. Some mysteries, it seems, are not meant to be solved by Muggles.

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