Weekly 200 Word Round Up

This week has been an odd mixture of accomplishment and missing goals.

I’ve accomplished things in the sense that I’ve met my first Medium Article target (I shall be posting one every two weeks). I have also done way more exercise than I expected to – It turns out the mini-stepper was a good purchase.

I’ve missed my goals in the sense that I have allowed my life to get in the way of my writing and I’m annoyed by it. There wasn’t too much I could do about it, but I still did less than I knew I could. I let the doubt gremlin get in the way of what I know I can do.

I’m putting a stop to that this week though. So in the spirit of looking forwards, let’s take a look at the week that has passed!

From Restless Legs

So restless leg syndrome (yes that really is a thing and it’s name) runs in head family. Most of the women as far back as we know developed it at some point in their lives. I’ve had it mildly since I was about 13 but recently it’s kicked up a gear.

For the past two weeks if I’ve woken up in the night then I haven’t been able to get back to sleep until a minimum of three hours later. It’s really kicking my ass.

It sounds so stupid that just the uncomfortable feeling of needing to move your legs can keep you awake, but it really does. If you fight against it and don’t move them then it gets to the point of pain, and then you just end up screaming in bed at 4am and no one appreciates that.

I’ve gone on the offensive though. Tonight I shall be armed with wheat bags, leg warmers and paracetamol.

Hope that you’ve had a good Friday and yay for the poetry!

To a weekend full of cats

I don’t really know what to write about today.

I’ve had a day of doing pretty much nothing.

I’ve done the washing, I’ve watched quite a few programmes and not done much else.

The cats have had a lot of fun chasing each other through the house and looking at me…threatening to not move until I give them treats. The tactic is actually quite unnerving. No one can glare like a cat. They just have such assurance that what they want to happen, will happen. More people should be like cats. As I say this Paws has just plonked herself down onto my mouse mat and is head-butting my keyboard, trying to find a comfortable place to sleep.

Maybe, be like the cat in spirit, but not entirely in action.

Although, saying that, she has managed to claim (albeit temporarily) the mouse mat for herself. So maybe there is something to it.

[Pause for the removing of said cat]

After being removed from my desk she’s decided that S’s feet are a good place to settle. S is now making happy ‘Ohhhh, look at the kitty’ noises. They both win in this equation.

Maybe today’s lesson is to take stock of the small happinesses of life…and cats are pretty good role models.

We can all learn something

Today’s 200 words shall be about…

I want to say boobs because I’ve been watching High school DXD and it’s fucking hilarious, but no. I should not do a soliloquy to boobs. Well, maybe someday.

No today’s topic of conversation shall be about habits. How we form them, why we break them and why we keep them.

Habits help us establish routine, which in turn allows your brain to not be in a perpetual state of oh my gods what the fuck is happening? Where are all the enemies and why is there a dead chicken on the roof? Instead, it allows it to follow a system of predictable events and relax enough to notice if something is off. Only then does it go into alert mode. This way your head does not explode and you can live a normal, stress free life.

Now if the habit is not a useful one to you then your mind will not register it as important to your ongoing survival and you will not stick to it. So if, say, you have a job that is ten minutes down the road, the only absolutely vital routine that you need is to make sure you are awake 15 minutes before you have to start work and, therefore, have enough time to get dressed and leave the house before you are fired for not showing up. The trick to converting this into a healthy routine and making your body realise that waking up an hour before work is better for you; is to demonstrate the advantages of a nice bath, food and clean clothes before work to it. Force yourself through the pain of getting up and your body will adjust. It will start to prioritise calm and rest over blind panic and stress.

These priorities become the way your mind thinks after a while. You will find yourself seeking serenity as a necessity rather than as a luxury. It is for this reason that I’ve actually started to persuade S to go to bed early.

Speaking of which…Adiós amigos! May your Monday be serene and if applicable, full of boobs. PS check out the animé, it’s soooooo funny. Just keep out of reach of children unless you want to teach them the art of sarcasm and exploding shirts.

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