Illusions: Chapter Two


Chapter Two

Cóir observed the barely controlled chaos around him as Ventur was led away by flustered but well-meaning teachers and the Vampire child had been calmed down and shown to the nurse’s office for the Vampire equivalent of a hot tea and a biscuit. The fake headmistress had disappeared soon after the real one had arrived, much to the relief of everyone involved. He studied the Headmistress, his sightless gaze taking in everything. She was clearly terrified and completely out of her depth. She had no idea what was going on or what to do, she was in need of a scapegoat and fast. Cóir wasn’t surprised when, after managing to stay calm in front of both the children and staff, she rounded on him like a maddened Harpy.

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Journal: Fear and Panic in the Publishing House

Soooo, F has planted the idea of publishing in my brain and it seems that my brain is starting to like said plan.

I’ve just spent all morning (in between looking after a sick other half and a kitten) reading about how to publish short erotic stories on Amazon. It actually seems very do-able.

I’ll have to research and learn more about the publishing process of Amazon looks at F but yeah, I think I’m actually going to be brave and do this stuff. It’s been a personal goal of mine to make real money from my writing and whilst I do VERY much enjoy writing my novel (35k words and counting), I am also actually GOOD at writing porn. Sorry, erotica. I’m good at the novel too, but the porn tends to steal my brain more often than not and run away with it to happy kinky places.

By focussing on making money through erotica on Amazon I can also actually contribute to the household income, which isn’t something I’m doing right now.

My wonderful other half is supporting me through my writing trials and authors growing pains. He is a good man. A patient one too.

With the introduction of F into my life and her infinite and seemingly bottomless belief that I can do this shit, I’m actually starting to feel the same way. I believe this is what healthy people call hope and self belief. So yeah, watch this space for links to my books on Amazon folks!

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