Doubt and Labels: What defines you?



How many of us feel it? How many of us focus on anything but what is holding us in place? How many of us feel the grasping tendrils and thorns tearing at our ankles…then consciously decide to turn a blind eye because it’s easier to take the known pain than the unknown risk? We doubt our own desires.

The pain could stop if we moved. We could break through the tangle and trash if only we tried…

But then again it could get worse. Are we really willing to risk that the change we think we want is actually going to be better than what we have now? If we aren’t 100% certain then is it actually worth taking the risk? Where’s the guarantee? Is what we have right here and now really that bad?

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Day Eleven through to Thirteen: 100 Days of Words

If you haven’t been following my twitter then you’ll have missed my last few days of words. Fear not, I am still keeping up with them and you can now find day Eleven, Twelve and Thirteen here!

Day 11

Day 11 of . I’m tired but still writing. Here are today’s words. I hope you’ve all had a great Tuesday.

Day 11

Day Eleven

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Organisation and Procrastination: A tale of 4’s.


As I write this I am sat looking out of my front room window, watching men in hard hats stoically dig up the road by my house. They are laughing with each other, despite the heat of the day and they seem to genuinely be having a good time. There’s a forklift that has been used to demolish buildings, dig through concrete and is now clearing rubble to make way for whatever comes next in the history of this particular stretch of the British Isles.

A mother just steered her kids around one of the many pot-holes that have developed after the year long reconstruction of this area. I could hear their high pitched giggles and it made me smile.

Life is happening all around us, every day. People are born, they grow, they contribute their part to the society they live in and then they pass away; back into the circle of carbon and stars that we are all made of.

So why is it that some of us feel lost?

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Day One: 100 Days of Words

Recently I discovered the 100 Day Challenge. Without my consent and with the force of a tidal wave the idea took me over. Whilst I don’t use Instagram, I do use social media and there are #’s for the challenge all over the internet. The idea is not to be perfect, but to be consistent. To form new habits and to expand the boundaries what you believe yourself capable of achieving.

I absolutely adore the simplicity and adaptability of this challenge, so without further adieu, here’s what I’ll be doing for the next 100 days.

The Project

I’m setting myself the challenge of writing two scenes/scenario’s/snippets a day and posting them online. Each day there will be one Erotic and one Non-Erotic scene. The intention of this project is to expand, not only my idea pool but also my own perceptions of what I can and can not write about. My comfort zones, when it comes to writing, are very much biased in a certain direction and I want to push myself. I want to see what I can come up with when the pressure isn’t there to produce a full story. A minimum of 12k is hard to write – especially when it’s not something you are used to – but a few sentences, that I can do.

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