Illusions: Chapter Two


Chapter Two

Cóir observed the barely controlled chaos around him as Ventur was led away by flustered but well-meaning teachers and the Vampire child had been calmed down and shown to the nurse’s office for the Vampire equivalent of a hot tea and a biscuit. The fake headmistress had disappeared soon after the real one had arrived, much to the relief of everyone involved. He studied the Headmistress, his sightless gaze taking in everything. She was clearly terrified and completely out of her depth. She had no idea what was going on or what to do, she was in need of a scapegoat and fast. Cóir wasn’t surprised when, after managing to stay calm in front of both the children and staff, she rounded on him like a maddened Harpy.

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Illusions: Chapter One

Illusions is the story of Ventur, an illusionist born into an age that no longer believes in their existence. Keeping his secret will be essential.

Chapter One

Cóir sat staring at nothing, listening to the sounds that filled his world and contemplating the conundrum that perched on the other side of his door. This particular conundrum sat on a hard wooden bench that was designed in such a way as to keep the most determined of visitors from overstaying their welcome. Not even the ghastly deputy head who plagued the building fifty years back had managed longer than twenty minutes on the contraption. So far this kid had lasted nearly an hour.

Cóir was impressed. In Cóir’s endless campaign to be left alone to do his work he had found that his personal brand of defensive furniture was a formidable force for good. His creations had never failed him. Indeed, in the nearly 300 years that he had been a visiting professor at the school, no one had managed to withstand the mixture of masterwork carpentry and deeply ingrained magics, that he had personally combined in order to produce the most disconcerting bench he could imagine.

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