Day Thirty – 30 Days of Headlines

Day Thirty of my #30DayChallenge. That’s it. I’m done. No more headlines and no more challenge. I’m oddly satisfied with how this has turned out. I’ve missed days, either due to illness or lack of internet, but I’ve still kept going. I’ve reached The End…and I am proud of that.

It’s been an interesting experiment to headline each day. You have to really think about the little things – the odd thoughts that pass through your mind at random times. You can’t have each day entitled “What the Fuck did I do Today?” Every day is different, even if that difference is merely how you approach it.

Now…What to do next I wonder…

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Day Twenty-six – 30 Days of Headlines

Day Twenty-six of my #30DayChallenge & the uphill battle continues. My physical health is sorted out. Now I just have to shake hands & negotiate with my mental health. I know what’s happening, I know what to do to fix it. It just sucks a bit right now.
Keeping on swimming!
Setting the small goals and going outside…the world, as Sir TP said, is my Mollusque!
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Day Twenty-five – 30 Days of Headlines

Day Twenty-five of my #30DayChallenge & it’s an uphill battle to get rid of that monkey. Self-discipline has never really come naturally to me, it’s a learned behaviour, & on days that I feel like crap, it tends to slip. One step at a time. I’ll get there.


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Day Twenty-two – 30 Days of Headlines

Day Twenty-two of my  and holy crap has it been a rollercoaster! Up, down, and probably side to side too. I have found my zen garden in editing. There’s something truly blissful in allowing yourself to get fully absorbed in a task.


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