Journal: So the week happened…and the writing didn’t.

Had a bit of an interesting week.

The world kinda got on top of me and I fell behind with the writing schedule. The 200 words a day haven’t and co-incidentally neither has my sleep and mental health. Not sure what they haven’t, but they haven’t.

I’m not letting myself get intimidated though! I am getting back on this horse and I will continue to ride!

I have ideas niggling in the back of my brain but the inner demons of craziness have been preventing me from letting them out. The only way to get past the demons though is to face them head on and say, screw you I will write anyway! That and wait until the cat is asleep, because, damn has she been mad for the past few days.

I’m making progress on chapter two of Resurrection and I’m liking how it’s going. I have a good idea of where the story will go and am enjoying the characters very much. I also have a longer story in the works that is about half complete and will be up on the site in it’s entirety within the next few weeks. So yeah, not dead, simply had a bit of a crappy week; but I’m stopping the self pity before it takes hold and am pushing on through regardless!

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I'm the author of Getting Out: Escape is harder than he’d ever imagined and QP-id: Love, Sex and Nano-Machines. I'm currently in the process of writing my third book. All works can be found on Amazon under the name Sophie J Clark.

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