Short Story: Resurrection


Summary: When she finds a dead druid along with a scroll of resurrection, our heroin decides to have herself a little fun before returning to her solitary home.

Rating: NC17, Magic and Dubious Consent, M/F.


She saw him lying there on the floor and couldn’t help herself, she was a Rogue after all. Slowly she crawled forward and tentatively ran her hands across his exposed torso. There were markings that looked like tattoos all across his chest and down his legs – a druid?  He was a druid. She explored further; the more she looked, the more she began to understand what had happened. He was quite clearly dead. Evidently, he’d been crushed by something and his ribs were a mess. His tousled blonde hair was soaked in sweat, his arm was held up next to his face and, upon further inspection, she found something in his hand. A scroll maybe? Well, at least she had something to sell later.

She leaned over him and carefully loosened his fingers from around the crumpled paper. There was no rigamortis nor blood pooling, so he’d only passed away recently. Eagerly she inspected her find. She saw the slightly broken seal and frowned in puzzlement; had he tried to open it? She looked back at his face. She could see the small trickle of blood running out of his mouth and the clear panic on his features but his eyes did appear to have been focusing in the direction of his hand.

Lost in thought, she absentmindedly opened the scroll and began to scan through the words. It was written in a language that was similar to, but not quite the same as, her own. She mouthed through the symbols and thought she understood the basic idea of what it was for. It was a resurrection scroll. It had some simple healing built in so maybe that was what he’d been trying to do? Cast the last stage of it in order to heal his wounds perhaps? Whatever it was he’d been attempting, he hadn’t managed it. Sighing to herself she looked down at his naked body. It was such a waste.  He’d been a very handsome man when he was alive. Her eyes slid back to the scroll. Maybe she could get him back on his feet again? It would be for the good of the species that he went forth and breed after all.

She’d seen the priests do it in the local temple. How hard could it be?

Slowly and ever so carefully she began to read the words aloud. She made sure to say each one as precisely as she could; she knew what happened when resurrection spells went wrong. The undead were no joke.

As she spoke, she could see the magic taking effect. The yellow white glow that always accompanied this kind of healing was beginning to build and what had clearly been broken ribs were starting to knit themselves back together. She thrilled with the power of it and after a while, when he was showing signs of breathing, she allowed herself a small, proud, smile.

She concentrated hard and watched as his eyes opened, full of terrified confusion. Glassy blue irises unerringly focused upon her face. She startled and in shock fumbled through the next few words. The druid’s eyes filled with fear. If he could have, she was sure he’d have been screaming. In a complete panic now she forced herself to regain her focus and finished the rest of the spell in record time.

For a few petrified moments she stood frozen and unable to think of what to do next. He wasn’t moving. Sure his chest was rising and falling and his eyes were desperately scanning his surroundings. But that was about it.

Shaking slightly she knelt beside him to try to figure out what had happened. His eyes were following her frantically and she saw that his lips were trembling, as if he were trying to speak. She could hear mumbled sounds and rushed gasps of air and bent forwards to see if she could make out any words. When she couldn’t she decided to try the direct approach.

“Tell me what’s happened? I know I screwed up but I need to know how to fix it.”

His eyes darted from side to side and back up at her face. She watched as he tried in earnest to say something. After lowering her ear to almost next to his lips she could just make out “Can’t move.”

“I know that. How do I reverse it?” When he didn’t say anything else she ran her hands over his body again, this time trying to find the source of his paralysis. She heard a muffled groan come from him as she moved her fingers over his calves and up his inner thigh.

Startled, she stopped and stared at his face but his eyes were closed and he appeared to be trying to hold his breath. She sat and watched curiously until he relaxed and opened his eyes. Her hands were still in place against his inner thigh but as she pressed gently against his tanned skin she saw him resignedly close his lids once more, a moan escaping his lips and a flush crept across his cheeks. To her delight she saw a part of him, that had heretofore not been an issue, start to enlarge. She let out a delighted sound of her own and the flush darkened. He appeared to be trying to will himself back into non-existence.

She shouldn’t, she really shouldn’t. She’d paralyzed the man. She shouldn’t do what she was thinking about doing. She let her fingers drift a little closer to the increasingly enticing and well-proportioned appendage. He couldn’t move. Feeling guilty but way too curious to stop now, she moved her hands in a more deliberate and decidedly less hesitant way. He took in a sharp intake of breath. His cock twitched. Apparently not all of him was paralysed. That was something at least.

Feeling like experimenting a bit she picked up one of his arms and laid it across his chest. Interesting, she thought, I can move him but he can’t move himself.

He was watching her again. This time there seemed to be a little hope hidden behind the anxiety. She smiled down at him and very slowly leaned down to kiss his chest. Her lips pressed against the druid’s skin just above where his hand lay, limp and helpless. Out of the corner of her eye she saw his cock jerk in response.

“You like this, don’t you? You like not being able to move and having me touch you like this?” She ran her fingers across his lower belly, teasing the flesh above his groin. An almost pained moan along with the screwing shut of his eyes was his only response, but she saw a bead of pre-come glistening on the head of his dick.

She could get used to this. Confidently she ran her nails down his inner thigh, leaving white lines that quickly flushed pink in their wake. The man gasped and stared at her.  His pupils were blown wide and she thought she heard a faint “Please” escape his lips.

She didn’t need any more encouragement. With a wicked grin on her face she moved to cup his testicles in her free hand and dipped her head to take the tip of his cock into her mouth. She teasingly ran her tongue around it and pressed gently against the sensitive spot behind his balls. She hummed contentedly and rubbed gentle circles across his perineum with her fingers. She could hear a steady string of gasps and moans coming from the druid.

This was a turn on like nothing else. The power she had over the stranger in front of her was incredible, and what was more, he seemed to like it. She lifted her leather skirt and dipped her hand in between her legs, stroking at the already considerable wetness. So good. As she sucked happily at the perfect cock in her mouth she thought about everything she could do with her new friend. She wanted to ride him until she couldn’t think straight. She wanted to feel what his cock felt like inside her pussy. She wanted to use him to make her cum.

But that was going too far…the man had just come back from the dead.

Reluctantly she withdrew from his cock and took her hand off of his balls. He let out a desperate sound and blinked in what appeared to be genuine frustration. When his eyes fixed upon the hand that was still between her legs he huffed and moved his gaze from her to his dick and back again.

She raised her eyebrow at him and he repeated the action.

“You want me to what, fuck you? Do you want me on your dick?” Smiling like the devil she added “Blink once for yes and twice for no.”


She licked her lips and bent over him until her face was just above his. Lasciviously she whispered, “I’m warning you I’m not going to stop until I get what I want out of this as well.” She thought she saw him almost grin at that. She moved herself to straddle his hips and achingly slowly, eased her way down onto his length. She’d been right. He was perfect. He filled her and stretched her until it was almost too much. She watched as his eyes rolled back into his head. Slowly she began to rock atop of him, rubbing circles against her clit with her already soaking wet fingers. She allowed her body to adjust and relaxed into it. He was panting and moaning beneath her, trapped inside his own skin and completely at her mercy.

The pleasure was curling its way through her whole body and as it built so did her pace. She moved and rocked until she found the sweet spot inside of her, feeling her toes curl and pussy tighten. The druid moaned louder.

“Fuck, don’t you dare come yet.”  She looked at his face and his gaze locked with hers. “I told you, I’m going to use this dick for what I want, then you get to come, understand?”

He flushed again and couldn’t meet her gaze but eventually blinked just the once. She grinned in triumph and began to move again. He couldn’t have stopped her even if he had wanted to. His arm was right where she’d left it and she smirked down at him.

“You’re mine druid.” He had no choice, he had to lie there and take whatever she did to him. Fuck, the power she had right now. Her mind was flying in every direction it could. She was soaked in sweat and pleasure, imagining what they looked like to an outsider, thinking about what else she could do with him and hoping that whatever had happened wouldn’t wear off too soon. What if he couldn’t ever move again? She felt her pussy tighten at that thought. She’d have him all to herself. She’d use him whenever she liked. He could never say no.

It was that thought that tipped her over the edge for the first time. She came to the image of herself riding him in front of her fire. She’d have laid him out, spread eagled on the floor and she would have rubbed sweet smelling oils into his skin. He’d watch as she rode his cock all night and there would be nothing he could do to stop her.

He let out the loudest moan yet as her orgasm hit and she watched through the haze of endorphins as he gasped in frustration at his lack of movement. That just sent her further over the edge and her second orgasm hit only seconds after the first had ended.

When it finally died down a little she slowed to give herself time to get her breath back. If she was going to do this she was going to make the most of it. His frustrated cries were becoming music to her ears.

That was when the thought came to her. Just because he couldn’t move, didn’t mean she couldn’t move him. She leaned forwards and took the hand that was across his chest in hers. Watching his face she placed it against her clit and pressed his index and middle finger hard against her wetness. She sighed happily. His eyes were wide now and she knew it wouldn’t be long before she would fall over the edge again. Moving him like this and controlling him so completely was such a rush. She could get used to it.

He was watching her with rapt attention and she luxuriated in every huff and groan that made it passed his lips. She was rubbing his fingers against her with complete abandon and when she came this time she saw him screw his eyes tightly shut to stop himself from coming right along with her. She would have to reward him for that later. Her fourth and final orgasm followed swiftly but it proved too much for the druid. He let out a silent cry as he came right along with her.

After a while she let herself fall forward and curled up against him sleepily. She ran her fingers across his chest in lazy patterns and mumbled,

“We’ll have to find somewhere to get you fixed, but it may take a bit of time I’m afraid.”

She watched contentedly as he swallowed and, hesitantly, blinked once in response.

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