Short Story: Happy Naked Pastry Time

She really likes pastry

So this story needs a bit of context. My wonderful friend F has set me a daily limit of writing her at least 200 words in order to keep my creative juices flowing and, coincidentally, myself writing.

I also play a lot of WoW on a great private server called Primal Wow, which can be found here if anyone’s interested along with some more information here from an ever-so-slightly Youtube famous guildie of mine. (Love you Hamster).

During a particularly interesting run through of MC the Dutchies in our guild started to discuss pastry and F – loving their accents – started to giggle like hell and came out with (I swear I love her brain so much) “Oh my god, if any of you guys said anything like that during sex I’d loose it, I swear.”

Hilarious discussions between myself and F ensued via in game whisper…and the result is as follows.

Summary: She really likes Dutch pastries.

Rating: NC17 – Adult content, mild kink, M/F

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Short Story: Tier’s Castle

The decision to ignore the warnings of friends will changer her life forever.

The decision to ignore the warnings of friends will change her life forever.

Summary: A trip to a local haunted hotel goes very awry for one unfortunate guest.

Rating: NC17, Non-Con, Objectification, Forced Orgasm, M/F/Object.

Prompt: The furniture…and SD…card get very kinky indeed!

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Welcome to the Blog

So a while ago a friend of mine said to me: “Cata, you know you should write a blog, right? I mean, you do all this writing and you have no where to put it. People would love to read it and it’d help you so much with getting you to write every day!”

I thought, ‘what they hey, what’ve I got to lose?’ And so I said “yeah sure, why not?” Without really realising what I was agreeing to and not quite expecting things to move as fast as they have. It turns out when my friends want something to happen, it happens!

So, well, here I am with a blank blog and a whole lot of panic.

I know that people say the beginning is always the worst part of any project, but that’s never been the case for me.

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