Day Twenty-two – 30 Days of Headlines

Day Twenty-two of my  and holy crap has it been a rollercoaster! Up, down, and probably side to side too. I have found my zen garden in editing. There’s something truly blissful in allowing yourself to get fully absorbed in a task.


Day Nineteen – 30 Days of Headlines

Day Nineteen of my #30DayChallenge. It’s wet. Cats are hopefully looking out of the windows, and the builders are on fire! They’ve almost avoided an entire mornings worth of work so far!

I had a totally epic night of cramp to top it all off. I swear today’s gonna be epic.

At least we got all the online shopping done this morning!

Day Eighteen – 30 Days of Headlines

Day Eighteen of my #30DayChallenge. Have we fallen this far people? Has the internet come to this? If I see another gods damned pointless top 25 list, it’ll be too soon!
Unless it’s about cats. They are always welcome.
PS: Anyone who gets The Twits reference, you rock.

Day Seventeen – 30 Days of Headlines

Day Seventeen of my #30DayChallenge. Friends, neighbours, general acquaintances I’ve never really met…don’t drink too much wine. Trust me. Also…never offer to get drunk with someone in an unhappy relationship. It ends in headaches and a lot of grumbling in the morning.