Short Story: One Ring

One Ring Cover
Summary: Jim is a bored university student with a knack for getting under people’s skin. One morning on his way into class he finds a ring that will change not only his life, but that of his teachers forever.

Rating: NC17, Non-Con, Dub-Con, Mind Control, Magic, Teacher/Student, Mind Sex, Forced Orgasm, M/F.

Jim woke up with a jolt and stared at his beige ceiling. He turned to his left and stared at his beige wall for a bit before deciding to get out of his cream coloured bed and pad over to his crisp white computer. Boring. Life was just so boring.

He opened up his email to find three new jobs and a reply from the soccer mum he had ‘helped out’ two days ago. She had wanted to know the reason her lovely, sweet teenage boy would put a password on his computer account and requested Jim hack in and find out what he was hiding. He had charged her £200.00 for the privilege of telling her the blatantly obvious and emailed the kid telling him to get a smartphone and never tell his mother. Boring. Even breaking the law was no fun any more. It did have its benefits though. He was never short of cash and soon he’d have enough to move out.

He heard the front door click shut and looked at the clock. 7am. His Dad was arriving home from work then. Another half an hour before he could make his way downstairs. He opened one of the new jobs and, having received confirmation that the first £100.00 upfront payment had been made, started to work. He re-read the desperate mother’s plea that he invade her child’s privacy for their own good. This one was worried that her daughter was being corrupted by hairy internet men. Apparently her child had taken to cutting her hair short and not shaving her legs. Some people were idiots.

“Walnut?” Jim said aloud to no one in particular. “Walnut? Who uses Walnut as their password?” His only reply was the industrious hammering of a nearby Woodpecker. More importantly, he thought, who can’t spell Walnut? The kid had based their password on the name of their childhood imaginary friend, Walnut Barney (some people really should not be allowed to blog publicly) and hadn’t even used auto-correct for their spelling. After reading through said blog he had gotten to the point of wanting to gouge his eyes out in self defense before the answer had finally come to him. He had typed in WallNutt and that was it. Another kids egocentric life laid bare in front of him. He had emailed the brat’s Mother with links to her own child’s blog, along with a few books on being a good parent to a transgender teenager and the password to her kids account. That was done. He would receive the next £100.00 in a few days. If not, his clients lives became increasingly difficult to the point that paying was far easier than not. Boring.

A bird chirped merrily above his head. Jim cursed. All he wanted was for something remotely interesting to happen. Was that too much to ask? His shoes kicked at leaves as he made his way through the woods. He’d slipped past his Dad in silence and was now heading to his usual morning café. He was eighteen but looked a lot younger and had found that the more bedraggled he looked the more discount the lady behind the till gave him; although it did mean that he had to put up with being fussed over for the first five minutes after he arrived, but once he pulled out his laptop she generally got the message. Dull.

His toe hit a rock and he swore loudly. Looking down he saw the culprit and, resisting the urge to kick it again out of anger, picked up the damn stone and threw it in the direction of the nearest chirping thing. Growling and hopping slightly he looked down again. Metal caught his eye. Reaching down and scraping the mud away Jim saw that it was a ring and a rather nice one at that. He rubbed away the excess dirt and pocketed it.

Once he reached the café he ducked into the toilets and cleaned off the rest of the dirt. Holding it at arm’s length he simply admired his find. It was clearly platinum and had two matching bands that could be turned. At even intervals there were symbols etched into the metal and you could turn the two bands to pair up the symbols in different combinations. It was obviously a very expensive piece and with a smile as he tried it on, Jim found that it fit his middle finger perfectly. Well, that was something, he thought as he made his way to his usual seat. As he walked he allowed his features to fall into what he thought of as his ‘lost little puppy’ expression and wasn’t at all surprised when Elaine, the owner, rushed towards him with his usual Mocha-Laté and toasted tea cake.

He pulled his laptop from his bag and began to read. He had an hour to kill before uni and there was an update from his contact in Samsung to look through.

Oh dear lord why? It was only eleven and he was stuck listening to Mrs Spritz jabber on about ‘Archimedes’ constant’ like it wasn’t just Pi. She’d lost the class at the first mention of the Greek Mathematician and now she was desperately trying to re-engage with her students by listing all the ways Pi could be used. This was not going to go well. It was a shame, really, because Mrs Spritz was a very smart woman, attractive too. She was just not a good teacher. She was the quintessential geek’s fantasy: young, dressed in a tight black pencil skirt and close fitting white shirt. She had thick, wavy black hair and glasses that drew attention to her green eyes and high cheekbones. The simple but effective use of make-up and elegant jewellery let Jim know that she was well aware of how she looked. She just lacked any ability to communicate with a classroom full of people. The University must be seriously desperate for staff, he thought, as he swirled the bands on his new ring.

He watched Sally Parker frantically text Helen Newman and try to hide her phone under her desk. Obviously she’d finally given in and slept with Ben Fowler if the smug, satisfied look on his face was anything to go by. Turning to his right he saw that Hazel Stone had actually fallen asleep at her corner desk and even the thought of Mrs Spritz’ cleavage wasn’t enough to keep the rest of the class focused apparently. Still, only an hour and half to go. Click went his ring as he found a new combination of symbols. He sighed, apparently today was going to be as dull as ever. Absently he imagined Mrs Spritz finally giving up on explaining Pi to an uninterested class and just setting them to work on their assignment in peace. He imagined her going to the toilets, finding a free stall and frantically taking all her frustrations out on her pussy. With a satisfied smile across his face he imagined her thong becoming so wet that she would decided to leave it off for the rest of the day. He thought about her coming back into the classroom, thong balled up in her hand and her discreetly hiding it in her handbag before getting on with her work. He imagined how she would feel with her pussy exposed and had to discreetly adjust himself under his own desk.

Suddenly aware that something was missing Jim looked up to find that Mrs Spritz had indeed finally given up on trying to re-engage with the class and that he was at last allowed to get on with his assignment. She had allowed them to pick their own subjects, the only requirement was that they had to have Pi as their central theme. Jim had chosen “The Relevance Pi Plays in Modern Cryptography” and had received a raised eyebrow from his teacher. Like she was the only smart one in the room. Jim watched as, with a flush to her cheeks, she whispered something to the teaching assistant and left the room. Twisting his ring again he sighed, too bad. Putting her flush down to embarrassment at her clear lack of teaching skills, he started to write. She came back five minutes later looking even more red and slightly unsteady on her feet. She sat behind her desk and didn’t make eye contact with anyone as she started to mark books. Bad news from home perhaps? Jim presumed it must be. He couldn’t think of anything else that could cause his teacher to look so uncomfortable.

Finally the bell sounded and the class began it’s usual mad rush for the dinner halls. Mrs Spritz stayed in her chair. Looking closer he saw that her pupils were blown wide and the pink blush hadn’t left her cheeks. Was she high? Snorting Jim left to meet up with Sebastian and his girlfriend Kate. At least now he had something vaguely interesting to think about.

At home that night he thought about Mrs Spritz and the flushed, dazed look on her face. He imagined his hands running over her pussy and into her tight little hole. He imagined, wherever she was right now, that she could feel his hands on her and as his orgasm hit, that she would be coming with him, knowing it was he who was sending her crashing over the edge into orgasmic oblivion.

A week had passed and Jim’s fantasies about Mrs Spritz had become more and more involved. Click went his ring. Jim sighed and looked through the fogged glass of the classroom door. He could see Mrs Spritz’s outline and he braced himself for yet another day of tedium.

“Jim,” said Mrs Spritz “can I have a word please?” The class had finally ended and he was at last free to go check his email, but no, Mrs Spritz had to ‘have a word’ with him. Plastering on his most patient smile he turned to her.

“Sure, what would you like to talk about Mrs Spritz?”

She didn’t meet his eyes as she said, “Whatever it is you are doing to me please can you stop? It’s interfering with my work and people are starting to ask questions that, frankly, I can’t answer. Please, stop, ok?”

“What?” She’d lost him. “Sorry, I have no idea what you are talking about.” Maybe she really was on drugs?

“The,” she sought for words “the, every night, you, every night I have these…feelings…and I know it’s you that’s making me…and I haven’t been able to wear…please stop it ok? It’s not funny and it could potentially get me fired.”

What? Are you going mad.” What the hell? He didn’t even know where she lived never mind understand what she was talking about. It had to be drugs. No family crisis could send anyone this far over the deep end. “Look Miss, I have to go. I really don’t know what your talking about. Yeah, ok, I have to go.” Jim turned and headed for the door, on the other side of which relatively sane people lived.

“Wait! Don’t you dare go anywhere!” Her outrage made him pause but he didn’t turn around.

“Fine” Jim said, “What the hell are you going on about, because, frankly, you sound like a lunatic.” Jim managed to hold back an exasperated sigh. “I recommend therapy.”

“Well, this is going to make things even better. Fuck.” She ran her hands through her hair. “Fuck, you have no idea do you? Look, whatever it is that you are doing is causing me to, well, have orgasms, ok. I can’t go anywhere. Every night I can feel your hands on me and you are doing…things to me. Please. Stop.”

Jim turned. Had she just said that? This time when he asked the question it was with genuine concern. “What?”

“You heard.” Mrs Spritz flushed again. “I’m not going to repeat myself.”

“Orgasms. I’m giving you orgasms? Every night? With my hands? When I’m not there?”

“Yes.” Mrs Spritz’ voice was quiet and very embarrassed.

“How?” was Jim’s first thought, closely followed by “You know you sound like you’re on drugs right?”

“I don’t know!” Mrs Spritz was getting angry again. “If I knew, do you think I would be here with you right now? For heaven’s sake, I could lose my job for even talking with you about this, but what other option do I have? And now, apparently, you have no idea how you’re even doing this and think I’m on drugs. Maybe I have lost it, who knows?”

“Are you wearing any underwear?” It was, in the circumstances, a bit of an odd question but something she had said earlier had caused some sort of light bulb to turn on in Jim’s mind.


“Are, you, wearing any underwear?”

“How is that any of your business?” She hadn’t answered his question but the look of panic that crossed her face was good enough for him. And, well, she had practically told him that she wasn’t when she had first brought the topic up hadn’t she? He walked closer to her and asked quietly, “When did all this start?”

Mrs Spritz’ face reddened again. Anger was warring with embarrassment across her features but she answered his question. “Last week. This lesson last week.”

Well, that was interesting. He looked down at the ring on his finger. How? “I’m going to try something, don’t panic.”

Clearly panicking Mrs Spritz began to back away from him. Jim imagined her stopping and holding her arms behind her back. She did. Desparate now, her eyes bulged and she cried out “How are you doing this? Stop, please stop!”

Oh this was too good. This was not dull at all. Almost laughing to himself Jim imagined her being unable to talk and her lips suddenly snapped closed. In his mind he gave her the order that she was not to tell anyone about this. She was not allowed to communicate what was going on to anyone else in any way shape or form and to nod her head if she understood. Silently, eyes wide with fear, Mrs Spritz nodded her head. Jim moved closer to her and with a broad grin imagined her coming. He watched, fascinated as his teacher orgasmed right there in front of him. Enraged, she glared in silent protest, arms still locked behind her back and lips tightly shut. Not boring at all.

“Well, thank you for this Mrs Spritz. I’ll certainly have a think and get back to you after lunch. In the meantime feel free to get on with whatever it is you were doing.” He grabbed a pen and paper off of her desk. “Here’s my number. Don’t forget my instructions, nothing obvious. If you want to talk to me about, this” he waved his hand in the air between the two of them “call it…the project. Oh and do try to be subtle.” Jim walked away, mind racing. As he closed the door behind him he imagined Mrs Spritz being free to move and talk again. He heard a noise that sounded very much like someone collapsing into a chair and muffling a scream as he set off for the canteen.

So many possibilities. Where to start? Was this something that he could only do to her or was this something he could do to anyone? What could he make people do? Was it limited to just sex or could he, say, make someone hand over the details of their bank account? Did he have direct control over someone’s mind or was it simply control over their body? If he had control over their body, how much control did he have? He swirled the bands on his ring again, looking at it more closely. So much potential and so much power. Experiments were needed.

Jim hardly noticed what he was eating and didn’t say a word to his friends the whole time he was in the canteen. Plans formed and reformed as he ate. Click went his ring. Finally, his decision made he headed for Mrs Spritz’ office. He’d decided to make sure she would meet him there by simply thinking about her going there and making sure she was waiting for him alone when he arrived. His phone sounded and he saw her text “I’m already in my office you little shit.” Laughing Jim took the stairs two at a time. He had a very clear idea about how she would greet him now.

When he got to her door he didn’t bother to knock but went straight in. She was waiting for him. Her skirt was pulled up around her waist, she was bent forwards over her desk and her pussy and ass were on full display. She was fuming. He had made sure she couldn’t talk but had allowed her the freedom to vent her feelings however else pleased. She glared as she watched him lock her door. He no longer had to imagine what it would be like to have his teacher all to himself and as he touched her skin he felt her shiver. She was so angry and so afraid, but her pussy was dripping wet. “You like this don’t you? You like being helpless.” She shook her head vigorously but a moan escaped when his hands touched her sex. “I think you’re lying. You do like this. Oh I know most of you hates me right now, but deep down in that dirty little mind of yours you love the thought of what I can make you feel.” Muffled protests and an even more vigorous shaking of the head was Mrs Spritz’ only reply.

Jim walked into her line of sight and, making sure she could see, removed his trousers and pants. He watched his teacher’s eyes bulge as she saw his cock harden and then heard her moan as his hands began to play with her pussy the same way he had imagined every night this week. He slipped a condom from his jacket pocket and quickly put it on. Mrs Spritz was moaning in pleasure but shaking her head and clutching at her desk. It was marvelous.

He spread the lips of her pussy and slowly slid inside her. Her cry of protest was stopped by her lips and her back arched as her body tried, and failed, to get away from him. This was power. Fuck it felt so good. Her pussy clenched around him as he began to move inside of her. He thrust firmly and bent forwards to take her tits in his hand. She was sobbing but moaning as the pleasure he was making her body feel began to overrule her protesting mind. His thumbs circled her nipples and he squeezed down on her full breasts. Her head fell to the desk as she gave in and started to rock back into him.

“I knew you liked it.” Jim said, his voice low and deep, lust coursing through him. She was completely his. He could do anything he wanted with her. He thrust harder. He watched as, broken, she reached between her legs and started to rub her clit, desperate to cum.

Impossibly, her pussy tightened and Jim let out a groan of pleasure himself. He leant back and took his teachers ass cheeks in each of his hands. Fuck she had a nice ass. Experimentally he gave a cheek a slap. To his great surprise Mrs Spritz moaned and began to rub faster. “You dirty little thing. You like being spanked?” He thrust deeply into her and saw his teachers shoulders tighten then release, a reluctant nod of the head.

“I like you” Jim said as he let another blow fall across her other ass cheek. Mrs Spritz moaned, he could almost hear her unspoken pleas. She was all his. Not wanting this to end too soon he pulled out and turned her over. She was lying on her back now, her legs wide and her tits on full display. He looked down at his new acquisition.

“You’re mine” he said as he pushed his dick back inside of her. He watched her eyes burn with anger and then glaze with lust as she felt him hit her sweet spot. Now it was his hands that were working her pussy and her hands that were desperately grasping for purchase on her desk. He felt her begin to buck up against him and he quickened his pace, his hand working her clit the whole time. He was going to make her cum of her own free will this time. That way she would know that there was no escape. She was his. Her pussy was clenching around him so tightly it almost hurt. She was wailing now, a constant sound of need coming from behind her closed lips. He redoubled his thrusts, short hard and fast, fucking into her with abandon until he felt it. Clamping down on him she came. Her whole body shook with the force of the orgasm. Fucking her through it, it was only when she opened her eyes and met his gaze, fury, lust and pure challenge glaring up at him that he let go. Her legs locked around him and pushed him deeper as he spilled into her. Life for Jim had just become very interesting indeed.

Looking down at her he smiled. There were so many more experiments yet to carry out.

Part Two

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