One Ring – Chapter 6

In which Dean discovers a Fairy in Nottingham and Jim demonstrates his ability to control without the use of the ring.


Warnings: Bondage, Magical Control, D/s, Anal Sex, Prostate Play, MMF.

Chapter 6

When Dean awoke that morning the first, and only thought he had was coffee.

He took one look at the hotel’s pitiful ‘brew your own instant Cappuccino’ machine on the side board and fled for the street. He knew that the English were famous for their obsession with Tea but at least some of them had to like coffee, surely?

To his surprise, Nottingham appeared to have at least one café on every other street corner. Steering away from the big brand chain stores he saw a small family run shop that seemed to offer exactly what he was wanting.

Like a zombie on a mission he headed towards the entrance. The queue wasn’t long and he kept himself occupied by reading the menu, which had been chalked on a giant board behind the shop assistants heads.

When he’d finally gotten his hands on a large steaming cup of caffeinated perfection he turned to find somewhere to sit; and froze. He knew he hadn’t been paying that much attention as he’d hurriedly joined the queue to talk to the people that would dispense to him, what was the equivalent of crack cocaine to an addict. But surely he couldn’t have been so wrapped up in his need for caffeine, that he’d miss a gods-damned naked Fairy sitting by the window.


She was sitting alone and the ethereal dragonfly wings that were poking out of her back kept disappearing through the brick wall whenever she absentmindedly beat them. She was sipping a cup of tea and her creamy nutmeg skin appeared to glisten with the ghosts of the scales Dean knew her race had once possessed. Her hair, an intense black, almost luminesced under the café’s warm mood lights.

How the hell could he have walked past a fucking Fairy? He knew from his experiences in the States that creatures like her existed. It wasn’t that that was bothering him. What was causing him to question his entire worldview was that, as far as he knew, creatures like her tended to stay away from humans. Not hang around in coffee shops.

He realised he was staring when an old lady coughed pointedly behind him. He moved aside to let her pass and just about made out the muttered “Bloody Yanks, didn’t anyone ever tell you it’s rude to stare? Can’t you see the poor girl’s been through enough already?” as she made a beeline for the last free table. He started to scowl but caught himself before it stuck. No one else was stood staring at the Fey. Either he’d finally gone off the deep end and lost his mind due to stress or there was some powerful magic at work. Whichever it was, Dean had to find out.

Taking a deep breath, he gingerly wound his way through the tightly packed tables and chairs until he was standing hopefully next to her. Dean watched as she turned to look up at him. He saw her eyes widen as she took in his appearance. Her wings beat faster when he asked if he could take the seat across from her. She nodded shyly and did her best to hide the obvious grin on her face from him. He smiled back, dialling up the charm a few notches and sat. As he did she giggled nervously and Dean could have sworn he heard bells tinkle. He clung to his coffee as if it were a life raft.

Doing his best to hide his unease he took a sip of his coffee and let its warmth sooth him. This wasn’t any different from the time his sisters had tried to set him up on a date with a water Sprite. Just focus he told himself. Maybe she knows something about the ring?

He knew that magical communities tended to be tight-knit, so getting an in with this one could well take him one step closer to finding the damned ring and, by extension, going home. He glanced across the table and did his best to look at the creatures face instead of her cleavage. He had to admit, the fairy tales had got one thing right, she was stunning. Large almond eyes were framed by high cheekbones and a heart shaped jawline just helped to emphasise her appeal. Her mouth was small and doll-like with thin rose coloured lips. If circumstances had been different Dean would’ve been charming her for real.

“So,” he said, letting his accent thicken slightly, “what brings someone like you to a café like this?”

For a moment she frowned, puzzled, but rallied and challenged, “I know that Americans seem to think no one else takes part in their wars, but foreign veterans do exist and we are allowed outside the base for cups of tea occasionally.” The delicate bells now added a slightly ominous tone to her words and she held a hand up to her face as if to cover something.

This time it was Dean’s turn to be confused. “I don’t know what American’s you’ve been talking to but last time I checked the military weren’t big on letting in Fairies, despite what the news says.”

Her soft features hardened and her wings beat sharply as she warned “I’d be careful who you call a Fairy around here cowboy.”

Dean felt the familiar push of magic against his shields and realised that she must have been disguising herself with a glamour. He raised his eyebrows and leaned across the table to mutter, “Whatever glamour you’re using, I can’t see it. But I’m guessing from the glares people are giving me, you’ve got something on your face? Could you, perhaps, y’know, get them to look away?” She stared at him in shock. “Love the wings by the way.” He gestured to the now stationary ethereal appendages behind her and noticed the exact moment the creature’s eyes found his ring.

“Oh thank fuck.” The Fey said and practically collapsed with relief, her musical voice returning to its natural girly tones. “You really scared me there for a second. No one ever tells me anything.” She complained absently as she waved a hand, causing the people in the shop to forget their existence. Dean looked around in shock as the Fairy continued to babble. “I didn’t think your family did the whole world tour thing anymore, not after what happened in Bulgaria? Although to be fair, you lot should’ve known that the Harpies wouldn’t take kindly to the whole deep fried chicken thing…” Dean listened, mouth slightly ajar, as the Fairy rattled off various rumours she’d heard about his family, what she thought about the whole ‘outsider marriage’ issue and complained again that no one had warned her about his arrival. “Otherwise I’d have totally made sure that Angela had sorted out the proper greeting arrangements -”

“Thank you.” He cut in desperately. “But I don’t need any of that, really.” He frowned and added “I didn’t even know there were ‘greeting arrangements’.” Before she had a chance to answer, in what Dean knew would be a <i>painful</i> amount of detail he tacked on “I’m just over here to look for something for my step-dad, that’s all. Then I’ll be out of your hair.” The creature frowned slightly so he tacked on “I’m Dean by the way.” And held his hand out for her to shake.

“Jasmine.” She said as she returned the gesture on auto-pilot, looking slightly mortified at the fact that she’d forgotten to give him her name. “I’m usually far better at this sort of thing, I promise. It’s just you caught me off guard and -”

“It’s fine. I’m not exactly used to any of this either. I’m in charge of marketing and making sure the security guards have fresh uniforms each season back home. I didn’t exactly expect to be playing ‘find the ancient magical ring’ before I was 25.”


Dean winced and tried to hush the Fairy whilst simultaneously avoiding the renewed stares of his fellow customers. “Keep it down!” He hissed.

“Sorry.” Jasmine whispered. “It’s just…How? I don’t understand. Your family’s always had the rings. My great aunt was there when you took over. You can’t just lose something like that.”

“Apparently you can.” Dean shrugged and drank deeply from his coffee. “Or at least my step-brother can.”

No, you can’t. It’s impossible. We sat down with the Brownies and made sure you couldn’t. The rings would stay with your family as long as they were only used for good and no one’s harmed…” She trailed off as the realisation hit her. “We may have a problem. I need to go talk to some people I’ll be right -”

Dean caught her by the arm as she tried to get up. He tried his best not to notice how soft her skin was or how good her magic felt when it brushed against his. Forcing himself to focus he said with as much authority as he could manage, “You aren’t going anywhere, not without me.”

“I’m not sure…”

“And I’m not asking.” Dean felt the ring warm against his finger. “Don’t make me force you Jasmine.”

“I’d like to see you try.” She mocked.

Dean frowned at the insinuation behind her words. “I don’t like to do that kind of thing…and is this really the time?”

“Right, yeah, pending magical disaster.” She got up again, this time she waited for him to join her. Dean looked longingly at his barely touched cup of coffee but stood when Jasmine raised her eyebrow at him and said, “Is this really the time?”

“Touché.” Dean muttered and followed her from the shop. At least the view’s good he thought as he watched her ass sway in time with her hurried steps.



Jim felt, rather than saw Tiberius’s gaze follow him across the kitchen as he sought out the cereal he knew Sebastian always stocked, just for him.

“Like what you see?” Jim asked.

“What’s there not to appreciate?” The demon replied as he lounged in his chair. “Your performance last night was masterful.”

“I live to please.” Jim muttered as he rummaged. When he’d finally found what he was looking for he asked, “So did I pass?”

“Pass what?”

Tiberius’s feigned ignorance was starting to grate at Jim’s nerves. “Your little test, last night. And before you start with the bullshit, ‘I don’t know what you’re talking about I’m here to help’ crap, let’s just acknowledge that we’re both bastards and move on, shall we?” Jim didn’t wait for a reply before he opened the fridge door and grabbed the milk.

Tiberius was still smirking when he closed it and Jim knew that he himself was close to hitting his breaking point. It was clear to him that the demon wasn’t going to be intimidated. He had to approach him from another angle. “Look, we both know you want my help with something so why not tell me what it is so we can get down to business?”

“Oh goodie.” Tiberius clapped his hands together under his chin and leaned forwards. “Is this the part where I reveal my evil plan and inadvertently let slip my one weakness? I do so love that bit.”

Jim scoffed and set about making his breakfast. “You’ve already done that.”


It was the first time Jim had heard Tiberius sound even slightly rattled. The satisfaction he felt was a reward in and of itself but he continued calmly. “The ring.” He held up his hand to drive home his point. “You’re bound to it. So whilst you might be an all-powerful demon, you’re also an all-powerful demon on a leash. I know if I were you I’d be rather pissed about that.”

“Clever little kitten aren’t you?” The demon leaned back in its chair but didn’t relax. “You’ve got me all figured out, haven’t you?”

Jim huffed out a laugh. “Hardly. I just know what I’d feel if I were in your position.” Tiberius sneered and Jim went for broke. “I’d be looking for a way out.”

“And in this hypothetical world of yours, how exactly would you do that Mr Potter?”

Jim bit down on a spoonful of cereal and pretended to think it over. “No clue.” He said flippantly “But I’m sure you do, so any time you want to share, I’m all ears.”

“And I for one am glad. After all, now that you’re here to save li’l o’l me, I’ll be out from under the control of those pesky little rings in no time.” Jim paused, spoon halfway to his mouth. “Oh I’m sorry.” Tiberius pantomimed, “Did I accidentally say something that upset you?”

“My side.” Jim muttered, as another piece of the puzzle fell into place. “There’s two. And you know who has the other one.” He dropped his spoon into his bowl and turned to face the demon. “Who is it?”

“All in good time my boy, all in good time.” Tiberius looked oddly impressed. “Whilst the early bird does indeed catch the worm, it also has to learn how to fly and what will happen if it hits the ground.
“You don’t live in the world you thought you did and I’m here to equip you with what you need to know to survive.”

“Why?” Jim asked. It was the obvious question that came to mind. After all, if he was disposable, he needed to know sooner rather than later.

“Because I like you Mr Potter. You amuse me and quite frankly, you aren’t dull. The people that had it before used it to stop the yokels from smoking and overeating. The most fun I ever had with them was the occasional ‘spice up your sex life’ seminar. Have you any idea how depressing it is to see twelve middle aged meat bags sat in a circle earnestly listening to a woman explaining the importance of open communication, whilst taking notes and not look at each other?” Jim winced at the thought. “Exactly! Quite frankly I was willing to take on anyone after that, but, my boy, you’re more than I could have ever hoped for; and there’s simply no way I’m letting you go into battle without arming you to the teeth first.”

“They’re that dangerous?” Jim asked sceptically.

“The one that has it now looks and sounds like an all American jock but don’t let that fool you. He has the potential to be quite powerful if he meets the right people. His family bread for magical potency and they have it alright.
“On the other hand, they don’t have your brains or your willingness to do what’s necessary, when it’s needed. I’ll pick brains over blond hair and a magically enhanced tan any day of the week.” Tiberius frowned and looked up at the ceiling. Jim watched as the Demon sighed as if it were the most put upon creature on the planet. “How long are Tarzan and Jane going to be at it do you think? That’s got to be round, what, three?”

“Four.” Jim said shrugging. He picked up his spoon and began to eat again. “And I’d say at least a good few months. Sebastian has a lot of issues he needs to work out.”

“Well that won’t do at all!” This time Tiberius’s flounce was too much even for Jim. “We’re going to need them for your training.”

Jim narrowed his eyes. “What sort of training?”

“Secret demon Ninjitsu, what do you think?” Tiberius began to pace as Jim continued to eat. “Magical training of course! And without subjects to learn on you’re never going to be able to utilise your power to its full potential. With the right planning anyone and everyone you ever meet will bow at your feet, but if you’re not careful a damned Pixie could pluck it off your finger whilst you slept.”

“A Pixie? Really?” Jim was starting to reconsider how useful Tiberius was going to be.

“Nero thought he was above listening to me too and look where he ended up.” The demon snapped. “The Fey are very real and the reason the rings were lost to the Emperors in the first place. Just because they’re of legend doesn’t mean they aren’t also legendary. You’d do well to forget everything Disney taught you and remember the history of your own damned people.”

“And you’d do well to remember who has your ring. I’m not above getting the entire street to go to work helping the local stray kitten association if you don’t watch your mouth.”

Tiberius stopped his pacing and glared at Jim. After a few tense minutes he relented. “Good. Like I said; both brains and balls. We’re still going to need your friends though.” He added as he slumped into his chair once more.

Jim didn’t say anything as he finished off the last few spoonful’s of his breakfast. It looked like they were both in need of the other, at least for now anyway. Ground rules were going to be important.

As he placed his bowl in the sink Jim said, “Fine. But I meant what I said last night, Sebastian’s off limits.”

Tiberius’s eyes flashed with mischief. “If I didn’t know any better Mr Potter, I’d say that you actually cared for the boy.”

“Sebastian’s mine. I don’t care what you do with Kate but lay a finger on him and you’ll be sorry.”

“Have no fear, Rambo’s not my cup of tea.” Tiberius ran his gaze over Jim’s body, making it perfectly clear where his tastes lay. “I’ll take brains over brawn any day of the week.”

Jim raised his eyebrow sceptically. “So last night you were just pretending to drool at the sight of Kate’s tits?”

“What can I say, I’m a complicated soul. Besides, I didn’t see you complaining.”

Jim scoffed. “I got to turn her into the whore I always knew she was. Why would I complain?”

Tiberius’s satisfied laughter followed him up the stairs and all the way to Sebastian’s room. He stopped when he reached the door and listened to what was happening inside. Kate was gasping and moaning Sebastian’s name. It’d been the same all night. Sebastian had apparently made it his life’s mission to see Kate cum as many times as humanly possible. Sometimes Jim really did despair. Apparently it was time for intervention number two.

He walked further down the hall and opened the utility cupboard. Flicking on the light he selected what he needed from the shelf before making his way back to Sebastian’s door and waking in.

He was ready for the noises of shock and indignation the two of them let out and so when Sebastian started to look like he was contemplating murder Jim just grinned.

“I assure you Seb, it’s going to be worth it.” He held up the lengths of rope he had in each hand.

“What the fuck Jim?” Kate shrieked but Jim ignored her. He’d grabbed Sebastian’s attention and that was all that mattered.

“You’ve got ten seconds.” Sebastian said in his low rumble. To anyone else the threat would have been very real but Jim saw the hope that had sparked in his eyes.

He ran the twisted strands of Jute through his fingers and watched Sebastian’s eyes snap to the movement. “I thought it was time that you get your reward. Kate’s cum enough for one night, don’t you think?” Jim stalked towards the bed as he spoke and smiled as Sebastian’s pupil’s blew out. The man gave no other sign that Jim’s words had affected him and so when Jim sat delicately on the side of the bed Kate scrambled to hide behind her boyfriend.

“Seb, I don’t want him to tie me up. Last night was fun and all, but I’m not into ropes.” She stage whispered.

Jim met Sebastian’s gaze.

“They ain’t for you honey.” Sebastian said and swallowed.

“Oh.” Kate said, slightly puzzled. “Then wh-”

“Kate, sweetie, would you be a doll and keep your thoughts to yourself? I’m here for your boyfriend. I’ll let you know how you can help when I need you, OK?”

Jim saw her mouth start to open in protest but the unspoken order cut her off and she nodded silently.

Sebastian glanced quickly behind him when he didn’t hear anything from his girlfriend. Seeing her waiting patiently he turned back to Jim who shrugged unapologetically. “I’m not here for her.” He said and pointedly ran his gaze over Sebastian’s naked body. He was pleased when he saw the other man’s dick respond.

Jim had never really understood why people insisted on labelling themselves. As far as he was concerned it didn’t matter what was between the person’s legs, what lay between their ears was the deciding factor. People like Kate were dull, which was why Sebastian had pursued her so doggedly. They were ‘normal’. Jim thought back to all the times Sebastian had stepped in front of him and protected the man who had protected him as a child. Sebastian was many things but boring was not one of them.
For Jim control was what mattered and Sebastian had always been his to play with. He’d never enjoyed sharing him but even as a child he’d understood that Sebastian hadn’t been ready to confront the reason he hadn’t ditched Jim a long time ago.

Forcing Sebastian to submit to him with magic held no interest to Jim. This had been building for far too long to fuck it up now.

He ran the length of rope through his fingers again. “I’m not gonna force you Seb, if that’s what you’re waiting for.”

He watched his friend’s Adam’s-apple bob again before Sebastian asked, “Yeah? So what’re you gonna do?”

“I’m gonna make that fantasy you like to pretend I don’t know about come true.”

“Yeah?” Sebastian said again. Jim noted the quickening of his breath. “And what’s that?”

Jim’s smile was pure predator as he leaned forwards, pushing Sebastian back onto the sheets and stretching his arm up to the headboard to begin fastening it tight. Leaning down he whispered in his friend’s ear, “The one where I tie you down and do whatever the fuck I want to you.”

Kate’s eyes widened as Sebastian’s cock fully hardened.

“Oh, that one.” Sebastian tried to quip. “I see.”

“If that’s OK with you of course.” Jim mocked.

As he straddled Sebastian’s torso to fasten his other hand securely to the bed the larger man tugged experimentally against the first knot. Finding no give he said “Guess I don’t really have much of a choice do I?”

Jim ran his fingers along the arm Sebastian was holding still, patiently waiting as Jim tied him methodically to his own bed. “None whatsoever.” He drawled.



Five minutes later Sebastian was laid spread eagled on his bed, dick already leaking as Jim traced his fingers across his chest, considering his next move. Kate was watching the movement as if she were an animated doll, programmed to follow his fingers with her eyes. It was starting to grate on his nerves.

“I don’t get it.” Sebastian gasped “Since when have you been into guys?”

Jim twisted Sebastian’s nipple, hard, and watched as the man’s chest rose along with a muttered “Motherfucker.”

“I couldn’t give a shit about ‘guys’” Jim said and let the air quotes hang as he trailed his hand down, towards Sebastian’s cock. “You know as well as I do what I want.” Skipping past the straining dick Jim lent over and dragged his nails down Sebastian’s inner thigh. The man writhed in his bindings and Jim took the opportunity to twist his other nipple with his free hand.

“Shit!” Sebastian hissed.

Looking down at his friend as he squirmed beneath him Jim made his decision.

“Kate.” He said and watched the girl reanimate. “Get the lube, the good stuff, and bring it here.”

She nodded at the same time as Sebastian screwed his eyes shut and let his head fall back with a muttered “This can’t be real.” Jim smirked and continued with his slow torture.

When Kate returned he directed her to sit between Sebastian’s legs, lube up her fingers and work them into her boyfriend’s ass. She did it without question, even as Sebastian let out a string of profanities that would usually have left her beetroot red and shaking her head at him.

Jim’s dick began to press against his trousers when he heard Sebastian’s breath hitch and watched as he bucked against Kate’s fingers.

“That’s it Kate.” Jim encouraged. “Just there. You feel the spot? It’s like a small spongy bump?”

Kate nodded as she ran her fingers over Sebastian’s g-spot again and the man let out an almost pained moan.

“I want you to play with it until I tell you to stop. Keep stroking it and working your fingers in and out of him, do you hear me?” Jim said and received another nod. “Good. You aren’t to touch his dick Kate. I don’t care what he says to you. Only I’m allowed to touch that.”

“Bastard!” Sebastian moaned.

Jim lay down beside him and wrapped his hand possessively around his friend’s cock. “You belong to me Sebastian.” He said as he moved his arm painfully slowly. “We both know it’s true.”

“Jim please.” His friend begged, trying to rock into the hand around his dick.

“Ah, ah, ah.” Jim chided and let go. “I’m not here to be used by you.” He sat up and looked sternly down at Sebastian, who was starting to sweat as his orgasm built.

“Shit, I’m sorry, Jim, please. Jim I need to cum, please.” He begged.

“I know.” Jim said and cupped Sebastian’s face with his hand. He ran his thumb along the man’s cheek bone and did his best to look concerned. “But you see, Sebastian, it’s not up to you to decide when that happens.”

Sebastian screwed his eyes shut and began to pull against the ropes binding him to the bed, tugging to test exactly how secure they were.

Kate was still working his prostate and Jim was pretty sure Sebastian was close to his first internal orgasm.

“Shit Jim, shit, I’m close! Fuck please.” Sebastian begged.

“I know.” Jim repeated. “It’s OK Sebastian. You can cum as many times as you like, like this. Kate’s not going to stop until I tell her to.”

Sebastian’s eyes flew open at that. “What?” He said and immediately groaned as Kate began to finger fuck him in earnest.

“Don’t tell me you didn’t know how to have multiple orgasms?” Jim mocked and pinched Sebastian’s nipple when the man began to fuck himself on Kate’s fingers.

“Don’t fuck with me Jim.” Sebastian warned, but buried his face into Jim’s hand as he felt the orgasm near. “Jim, I’m gonna…FUCK!”

Jim watched with delight as the orgasm swept over the man beneath him. He bucked as he came but no ejaculate left his cock and he stared at Jim in a kind of confused awe. Jim knew it wasn’t going to stop any time soon. Wave after wave would wash through him and all it would do is make Sebastian want even more. Before long he’d be a complete wreck.

“Shit Jim! Oh god! Oh fuck, I’m, fuck.” Sebastian came for the second time and Jim stroked himself through his trousers. Five more minutes of this and he’d be just about ready.



Sebastian was practically crying by the time Jim bent down and ghosted his lips over the man’s ear.

“I’m going to give you a choice Sebastian.” He said softly.

Please.” Was all Sebastian could manage.

“I’m gonna let you choose how to make it stop.” Jim whispered and traced a scarlet scratch he’d left from the top of Sebastian’s chest down to just above his leaking cock. The man groaned and bucked as another, ultimately unsatisfying orgasm hit. “Either I wrap my hand around that deliciously hard cock of yours.” Jim paused to let that idea sink in before continuing “Or I stand up and you get to feel exactly how I feel buried balls deep inside of your ass.”

“Fuck.” Sebastian gasped. “If you don’t fuck me within the next two seconds I swear to god, Jim, I’ll beat the crap out of you.”

Chuckling darkly Jim sat up and began to unbuckle his belt. “I guess that answers that question.” He turned to look at the woman between Sebastian’s legs as he pulled his dick free of his pants. “Kate.” She looked at him but didn’t stop working her fingers into Sebastian’s ass. “Go get a condom and put it on my cock.”

Without hesitation she did as she was told. Sebastian swore at the sudden loss of sensation but watched hungrily as his girlfriend returned and expertly slid the condom onto Jim.

“You know the rules Sebastian. You don’t get to finish until I do.” Jim said as he knelt between the other man’s legs and positioned his ass so he could slide straight in.

“Stop gloating and fuck me already.”

Jim’s eyes narrowed and without any preamble he pushed all the way into him. “As you wish.” He said as Sebastian hissed, back arching as the rest of his ass was stretched wide.

Jim moved with long, hard strokes. Slowly at first but when Sebastian began to relax, he increased his pace. Soon the two of them found their rhythm and it felt fantastic.

Jim could see Kate watching them out of the corner of his eye. She was flushed red and breathing hard; her hands were twitching beside her, obviously desperate to touch herself.

“Sit on the chair Kate.” He instructed.

Sebastian tore his gaze from Jim to watch his girlfriend.

“Spread your legs and play with yourself. You can do whatever you like but you can’t cum. You can get as close as you want but no matter how hard you try, you won’t be able to cum.” Jim said and watched as she began to run her left hand over her clitoris. “Good girl.” He said and turned his attention back to Sebastian.

Fucking him in earnest now he felt it as the man clamped down around him, riding out yet another internal orgasm.

“Fuck Jim,” He begged “Please, I have to cum soon.”

“Not until I say.” Jim said and revelled in the utter desperation on his friend’s face. “This ass belongs to me.”

“Fuck yes, all yours, all yours, pleeease

If he hadn’t heard it almost constantly since this all started Jim would’ve cum right then and there. As it was he lasted a good few minutes more and fucked Sebastian through another orgasm.

When he felt the tell tail tightening in the pit of his stomach he wrapped his hand around Sebastian’s cock and fucked it in time with his thrusts. Sebastian came howling his name moments after Jim had spilled into him. Jim caught his breath as he pulled out of Sebastian and slipped off the condom. After disposing of it in the trash he began to untie his now completely unmoving friend. Fucked stupid was a good look on him. The man was so worn out he could barely blink.

“You know.” Sebastian said blearily a few minutes later. “If this is what’s gonna happen every time I make Kate cum whilst you’re around, she’s gonna have a permanent vibrator attached to her underwear…just as soon as I can move.”

Jim snorted and began to massage Sebastian’s wrists. “She’s gonna be rather frustrated if you do.”


“She’s not cumming again until I say so.” Jim said and nodded over to where Kate sat gasping and frantically fucking her pussy in the chair.

“Shit, and I thought I had it bad.”

“Indeed.” Jim said and pulled Sebastian’s other arm across his chest to make sure everything was OK.

“You should probably stop her from doing that before my downstairs brain tries to think for itself. I doubt I could handle any more today.”

Smirking Jim said, “As you wish. Kate. Stop playing with yourself.” And she did.

“Dude. You know that’s creepy as fuck right?” Sebastian said as he watched his girlfriend panting in the chair, legs wide and eyes glued to the two of them.

“Yeah, it’s why the two of you won’t be telling anyone else about it.”

“No shit.” Sebastian said. Then screwed his brow together as a thought struck him. “Where the hell did you learn how to do that thing with my g-spot?”

“It’s like you’ve never watched porn before.” Jim scoffed and got up to check Sebastian’s legs. “You’ve got ten minutes before we have to go downstairs by the way. Tiberius has decided I need to practice wizard duelling.”

“The fuck?” Sebastian said and somehow managed to collapse further into the bed. “Why the hell do I need to come and watch?”

“Apparently audience participation is mandatory. Don’t worry,” Jim winked “I’m the only one who’s gonna be playing with you.”

“I feel so warm inside.” Sebastian deadpanned but Jim saw the corners of his mouth turn up in a grin as he began to massage the blood back into his foot.


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