One Ring – Chapter 4

Chapter 4 of One Ring, in which Jim plays with his new toys and we discover why an American and a Demon are in Nottingham, England.


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Chapter 4

It took two and a half hours for Chris to make what should have been, according to Jim’s calculations, a three and a half hour journey. Jim wondered how many speed cameras the man had triggered and was quietly deciding whether or not he should make the fines ‘disappear,’ when he heard footsteps outside the door and a key being roughly shoved into the lock.

Jim sat back in his chair and allowed his hand to rest on Mrs. Spritz’s quivering leg. She was naked once again but Jim had had her remove the plugs. She was sat with her legs spread wide and had the vibrator in her hand, held in place and unmoving against her sex, as Jim idly turned it on and off again. She couldn’t move from the position he’d chosen for her and she quietly begged to be set free when the door handle began to shake. Jim’s response was to set the vibrator to high and trail his hand further up her leg, crossing his own and never letting his eyes waver from the door.

Adele was positioned to ensure that her naked and exposed body would be the first thing her husband saw when he walked into the room and the anticipation of the event had left Jim unable to concentrate on much else for the last hour. He’d instead entertained himself with posing his teacher in various positions, all the while, ensuring she remained on edge and aroused. He was saving her orgasms for her husband to see.

When the door opened and Christopher saw his wife, Jim wasn’t surprised by his reaction. As the muscular man yelled “You little cunt!” he ran towards them both, raising his hand and clearly winding up a blow that would send Jim flying. Jim smiled with genuine pleasure as he watched Chris freeze in place mid swing, fist a few inches from his face. Jim got up and walked around the other man to quietly close and lock the door behind him. Silently he instructed Mr Spritz to get down onto his knees and to not make a sound. Jim turned as Chris slowly lowered himself to the floor. His wife watched, gasping, as the vibrator still tormented her soaking pussy.

“Ahh, family reunions do make me smile.” Jim said brightly, clapping his hands and seeing them both flinch. “As you’ve probably gathered by now Christopher, the situation with your wife is a little more complex than you’d originally imagined, but I’m sure we’ll make it work somehow.” He stood next to the silently raging man and experimentally ran a hand through his hair, as if petting a dog. He saw the muscles in Chris’s jaw working as he tried in vain to make any form of sound.

Jim squatted down next to his new acquisition and watched Chris’s eyes dart between his wife, exposed and silently crying, to Jim, smiling triumphantly and quite clearly revelling in their distress.

Jim practically purred as he said, “I know you’ll have a lot of questions and you’ll get your answers in time, I promise you, but for now just know this. You both belong to me. You’ll do whatever I want you to and there’s no escape, so you might as well learn to enjoy it. Adele has, haven’t you my darling?”

The question freed Adele to speak and she spat out “Fuck you!” through her tears.

“Later, maybe.” Jim mused, the mischievous tone of delight still in his voice. “You have a wonderful wife by the way.” He added as an aside to Chris. “I must say she’s rather brilliantly devious. Even now, a tiny part of her is still enjoying being on display.”

“No!” Adele shouted “No I’m not!”

“Ah, ah, ah, remember what I told you about lying my dear.” Jim sing-songed, twisting to kneel between her legs. Chris had a perfect view of them both and Jim could see the terror in her eyes as she watched her husband desperately trying to break free of his invisible bonds. “It’s OK Adele, I’m sure your husband knows exactly how dirty you are, he did marry you after all. But what do you say we give you a little break, hum? I think you deserve a reward for all your hard work this afternoon.”

“Please, no, Jim please, don’t do this to us.” She begged.

Rising to his feet and climbing onto the sofa next to her he curled like a cat against her side. As gently as if he were comforting a child Jim wiped away her tears before softly saying “Make yourself cum for me Adele” in her ear.

She hardly had time to take a breath before her first orgasm hit. Curled against her as he was he felt her shake and savoured the pained sounds of pleasure that made their way past her pursed lips. Wave after wave crashed through her body and as they gradually began to subside Jim placed his hand over hers, forcing the vibrator to rub lazy circles against her clitoris. This time she couldn’t hold back the howl as she came, cursing Jim’s name and rocking herself on his fingers at the same time. As her last orgasm died down he moved both of their hands away from her abused sex and told her to clean herself when she felt up to it. She sat there silently catching her breath, eyes puffy but refusing to give Jim the satisfaction of letting her shame show.

He patted her on the leg, smirking, then got up and stood by Mr Spritz, who hadn’t quite given up on trying to free himself. Holding his hair, Jim tilted his head back so he was looking directly up at him and said “Lick my fingers clean.”

Without hesitation Chris opened his mouth and sucked Jim’s outstretched fingers into it. Jim watched as, clearly revolted by what he was doing, Chris sucked as if it were his life’s mission. Jim moved his hand until there was no sign of Adele left on him, then stood back to consider what to do next.

Dean closed his eyes and tried in vain to drown out the ceaseless chatter of the Demon pacing next to him.

“I mean, it’s not like your family ever even had fun with it; not like he is. This guy really knows how to have fun. A month or two more of this and I’ll even be able to break free of your sorry little bloodline. Ahh to serve someone who truly knows how to let go and party. It’s been so long…” Tiberius trailed off in silent contemplation of happier days.

“Will you shut up about how wonderfully evil this guy is and tell me where I can find him?” Dean knew it was pointless to ask, but tried anyway. He’d never liked Tiberius and he was pretty sure that the feeling was mutual. Why his Step-Father had chosen Dean to go and retrieve the ring was beyond him; it was his Step-Brother who’d lost it in the first place.

“Now, now, Deany-boy you know that isn’t how this works. I’m here for shits and giggles, you’re the one with a job to do. I can go if you like? All you have to do is one teeny weeny little banishing and ‘poof’ I’m gone for good.”

Dean stared at the creature in human clothing in front of him. It looked far too hopeful. “Nice try” he said to it, dryly “but I think I’ll keep you around.”

“Oh Dean, I never knew you cared!” The creature gushed, fake surprise and delight oozing from every pore. Dean fought to keep the instinctual ‘I don’t’ from escaping his lips as Tiberius wrapped his arms around him. The Demon knew exactly how Dean felt about him and was doing everything it could to wind him up.

Deep breaths. Dean told himself. Deep breaths, this will all be over when you find that damned ring.

Cursing his Step-Brother’s stupidity for the umpteenth time Dean ran through what he’d managed to discover about the ring’s whereabouts so far. He’d tracked it down to a town called Nottingham in England, which was an achievement in and of itself. Considering the fact that his Step-Brother had somehow managed to lose it into a portal that led to The Gods only knew where and that it was a magical ring with a knack for disappearing, Dean was quite proud of himself. He’d used his own, personalised, brand of Divination to close in on it and had received enough hits on the family’s map to convince his Mother to allow him to book the plane ticket.

He’d landed in London 15 hours later and was not at all pleased to see Tiberius waiting on the other side of customs to greet him. Apparently, despite the fact that he was 22 years old, his Step-Father trusted the family Demon more than he did Dean.

“How shall we celebrate your arrival?” The Demon asked excitedly. “I can arrange a few locals to sacrifice, maybe an orgy or two? Why are you looking at me like that?” Tiberius frowned at the glare Dean was giving him.

“You actually have to ask?”

“Well, new country new start? I won’t tell if you don’t?”

Dean watched the hopeful look in the Demon’s eye’s and tried not to be sick.

“No.” He said it in his best ‘fuck off and leave me alone’ tone and began to walk towards the information stand to try to find out how best to make his way to Nottingham. Naturally Tiberius trailed after him, looking like a lost little puppy. One or two people even glared at Dean, clearly deciding the look on Tiberius’s face was his fault. This is going to be a long trip.

By the time Dean had found them a seat on a train heading to Nottingham City Centre he was ready to quite happily strangle Tiberius. Of course, he knew it would achieve nothing, but it might at least make him feel a little better. The body the Demon inhabited had been dead for thousands of years, or at least, he hoped there was no soul trapped inside the slightly tanned skin. His Mother had taught him the basics of magic from a young age and Dean knew that you couldn’t kill a creature of magic without using your own magic against it. After seeing what that had done to some of the people on his compound Dean had worked hard to avoid having to cast more than the minimum required to get by in a magical community. Magic always had a price.

He fiddled with the copper ring that had been hastily forced onto his thumb by his Mother just before he’d left Utah. He’d never wanted the power or the responsibility that came with it. He’d seen how easily some of his family had been corrupted and hadn’t wanted to find out what would happen to him; but apparently he was going to anyway.

His Mother had smiled up at him and in her soft, calm way, had reassured him that he was going to be fine. He was one of her boys and she’d raised him right. He respected the creatures of the Earth and so the Earth would respect him in turn. It wasn’t going to let a silly little Demon get into any son of hers head. He’d nodded and smiled, trying to convince himself as much as her that he believed what she’d said. He didn’t dare look over at his Step-Brother. He hadn’t been allowed a wheelchair and had somehow managed to hobble on make-shift crutches to the gates of the compound to see Dean off.

Dean concentrated on his Mother’s face. She was a kind woman, with a heart of pure gold as far as he was concerned. If she had one fault it was her willingness to turn a blind eye to the cruelties her new husband occasionally dealt out to his children. When Dean had tried to bring it up she’d simply hushed him and told him that “Hugh’s children are his responsibility. We have no business in trying to dictate to anyone how to raise their progenies, just as he doesn’t interfere with you, my sweet boy.”

Glancing to his left and realising that Tiberius was still waxing poetic about the new ring’s owner, Dean wished, just for a second that his Mother was a little less naive.

“Oh Deany-boy, you should see what he’s doing. It’s simply spectacular.”

“Shut up. I don’t want to hear it.”

“But the way he’s walked them both into his trap so perfectly…”

“I said shut up!”

“Who knew men were so flexible? The position’s he’s put the husband into. Even Nero at his most creative didn’t think of some of-”

“This is our stop.” Dean interrupted what he was sure would have been a far too in-depth account of whatever the sadist who had the lost ring was up to. He got up and shoved Tiberius out of the way as he gathered his bags.

The Demon was bound to the rings and in turn they were bound to it. It was Tiberius’s magic that powered them. Dean wore the copper ring that had been passed down his family tree since the fall of the Roman Emperors. Both of the rings had been created for the Kings and Queens of old but they had really come into their own when they found the bloodline of Augustus. Whole nations had fallen under their spell until his ancient ancestors had figured out what was happening and had taken matters into their own hands.

Dean’s family had gone on to use the magic of the rings to help people. Freeing those who had been trapped by them from their spells. Over the centuries magic had become something that belonged in fairy tales and his family had capitalised on the idea, creating an Empire of sorts, for themselves. The compound they lived in now catered to those seeking to turn their lives around through unconventional means. His family made sure to be subtle about it, scheduling in week long ‘quit smoking/overeating/improve your sex lives’ workshops. At some point in the week every person or couple would have a face to face meeting with his Mother and would emerge transformed.

She’d entrusted her power to him now.

Dean hoped, for the sake of everyone involved, that whomever had the other ring wasn’t smart enough to figure out exactly what it was capable of.

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