Jessie’s Pull – Chapter Two

Max explores and dominates his new friend, then decides to find out what has actually happened to Jessie to make him believe he is under Max’s control. This story is alternately known Dominating Jessie on Literotica.

Dominating Jessie

Warnings for chapter: M/M, D/S, MAGICAL CONTROL, sexual content, dub con.

Find Part One Here – Advised to read first for context if you haven’t already.

Chapter Two

Jessie was gasping. His mind was caught in a nowhere land between utter terror and complete and unending bliss. On the one hand he was naked and spread eagled, unable to move; and on the other, the man of his darkest and most depraved fantasies was currently sucking on his cock so expertly that he might, if he’d been able to, have started to cry with pleasure.

It had been two long hours since Jessie had obediently climbed onto Max’s balcony and passed through his open doors. He’d given up trying to fight. He was at Max’s mercy and he’d learned to his cost that the man had very little of that.

He closed his eyes and let the soft moan escape his lips. He couldn’t hide it. He could hold nothing back from his classmate and he hated it. He also, to his utter shame and horror, loved it.

He’d fallen apart under Max’s hands. He hadn’t ever been a blushing virgin – even when he’d finally lost it in the back-seat of his best friend’s car – but the way Max had looked at him, as if he were something he suddenly wanted to devour, had unlocked a part of himself he’d never known existed until now. He found, that despite everything, he wanted to be consumed.

That new secret part of himself had revelled in opening his legs for Max. It had loved the way he’d entirely dominated him, using his body and luxuriating in the power of it.

He didn’t harm Jessie. Max seemed wholly uninterested in causing him pain. For him the fascination seemed to lie in what he could make him do.

Jessie had never submitted to anyone in his life. He’d dodged the gang recruitment, refused to take part in any set social group at school and doggedly made his own path through life; but seeing the spark of triumph in Max’s eyes as he’d wrung the tortured sounds of ecstasy from him caused reactions within Jessie that he didn’t even want to think about.

What made it all worse was that Max seemed to understand exactly what he was doing and the man liked it. He liked seeing the panic as he brought him closer to the edge of orgasm. He relished the way Jessie had desperately clung to him as he’d fucked him over and over again. Watching Jessie come undone had brought Max alive.

Now all Jessie could do was hold on to what little sanity he had left and hope that whatever had happened to him would wear off before the night was over.


Despite the fact that he’d only managed a few hours of sleep Max woke before his alarm. He was too excited to waste his hours in unconsciousness anyway.

Jessie had been exquisite. He couldn’t have asked for a more perfect blend of defiance and surrender. He’d clearly understood that he wouldn’t be able to prevent Max from exploring his body; whatever had happened to make him believe that he was under Max’s control had seen to that. But that hadn’t prevented Jessie from closing off his mind.

As Max had started to touch him more intently, Jessie had gone somewhere in his head, switched off. Max had watched the ever present spark disappear from his eyes.

He’d wanted it back.

Having a body was no fun without the soul behind it. Conquering flesh was easy, he’d done it a thousand times in night clubs, bedrooms and gyms. There was no skill to taking a body after a while. No, the skill lay in conquering the mind attached to it. Watching it shatter apart and splinter against the strength of your own will. Watching as it surrendered to you and seeing it submit completely to your power.

Jessie was not going to hide from him, not when he’d presented him with such temptation.

Force was not going to work though, Max knew that instinctively. Jessie had grown up around brutes. Thugs who had won their right to rule through dumb strength and sheer force of will. Jessie had survived because he could outsmart them; the Odysseus to their Ajax.

If he was going to win this particular war he’d have to meet the man on a battlefield of his own devising. One where the odds were decidedly in his favour.

Smiling to himself as he ran a finger across Jessie’s surprisingly well defined abs he sank to his knees. Oscar Wilde had been right about one thing at least. Humans never could resist temptation.


He’d watched the spark return. Slowly at first; begrudgingly. Jessie hadn’t expected to feel pleasure. His whole life had been a battle against pain, loss and scarcity. He had no defence against abundance and gratification.

Every touch dragged him back into his skin. Every lick, stroke and soothing word wrought expressions of delight from the man that sang to Max’s long forsaken soul. Through caress and thrust Max staked his claim. He watched as his classmate opened up beneath him and it was beautiful.


Last night had been about taking what he wanted. This morning, he would find his answers.

Rolling over he felt the warm presence of Jessie beside him. Smiling to himself he asked lazily “How’d you sleep?” as he brushed dust from the corners of his eyes.

“I didn’t.” came Jessie’s rather curt reply. “And you snore.”

“Shame and I do not, you clearly need your ears testing.” From the corner of his vision he saw Jessie raise an eyebrow and he chuckled. Today was going to be fun.

Getting up he headed for the en-suite shower, unselfconsciously naked and with only the slightest hint of a spring to his step. Jessie’s eyes, as ever, followed his movement perfectly. Turning to face the man Max cocked his head to the side and took in what he saw.

Jessie was sat, almost doll like, propped up against his headboard. His lower half was covered haphazardly and Max remembered throwing the duvet over him just before passing out from exhaustion. His pale chest and upper body lay limply but not uncomfortably upright.

“Have you sat like that all night?” He asked and Jessie glared back at him.

“Yeah. Someone forgot to tell me to lie down after they fucked themselves into a coma. They shall of course remain anonymous. But if I were to, say, hint at a name, that wouldn’t be so bad would it?”

Max watched Jessie glare again and couldn’t help but laugh. It was as if Raggedy Anne had been infused with a righteous amount of pissed off sarcasm. He loved it.

“Fine.” He chuckled “My apologies, I’ll take notes for next time.” Jessie’s eyes widened in shock. “What? You didn’t think I was done with you did you? Surely you didn’t believe I’d give up that easily?”


Max cut through whatever Jessie’s choked reply was going to be. “Scratch that, I don’t want to know. Right now you need to get up, get into that shower and make sure you don’t smell of sex.” He checked his bedside clock. “We’ve got 20 minutes before my Mum calls me for breakfast and I’m going to need you to be vaguely presentable.”

Almost before the words had left Max’s lips Jessie was moving. His lean limbs curling themselves from the bed and moving of their own accord to exactly where the other man wanted them to be.

Following Jessie into the bathroom Max closed the door behind them both.


He felt Max’s eyes on him rather than saw them. The hunger from last night hadn’t abated and Jessie felt his cock start to swell under the attention. He couldn’t fight the order Max had given him and his body moved of its own accord, opening the huge shower cubicle and turning on the water.

He’d spent all of two seconds under the warm, soothing spray before he felt Max’s hands wrapping around his waist. Apparently he wasn’t going to shower alone.

Carefully Max pushed him forwards, angling him so the water slid down his back, rather than over his face and Jessie let out a small whimper as he felt a finger slide inside of him, stretching his already abused hole anew. He couldn’t fight it and when the same finger expertly pressed against his prostate he gasped, shoulders heaving as he braced for what he knew was to come next.

“You have no idea how good you look right now do you?” He heard Max purr past the roaring of the water and pounding of his heart. “I don’t think I could ever get tired of watching you.”

Helplessly he felt the tip of Max’s cock press against his opening as the finger was removed. He wanted to clench, to fight against the intrusion but that new and traitorous part of him began to rear its head again. It knew exactly how good he was about to feel and it didn’t care one bit about his pride. It understood precisely what sort of monster Max was and it wanted every part of him it could get.

As Max slid into him Jessie moaned.

“Move with me Jessie, come on, you’re free to fuck back if you want.”

Finally loose of at least some of the invisible chains that had been binding him, Jessie slammed back against the larger man, impaling himself onto him. Jessie wanted to scream for it to end as well as beg for him to never, ever, stop fucking him.

Grinding his teeth and panting, Jessie reached back and dug his fingers into Max’s hips at the same time as the other man wrapped his large hand around Jessie’s rock hard cock. Refusing to look behind and give Max the satisfaction of seeing his face, instead Jessie closed his eyes and concentrated on what he was feeling.

His world narrowed to the dick in his ass, the hand on his cock and the cascade of water against his back. There was nothing but pleasure. The two of them undulated and jerked, fucked and gasped. No one had ever made Jessie feel like this and as his orgasm built he dug his fingers into Max hard enough to bruise.

“That’s it, fuck me Jessie, I wanna feel how tight that hole can get. Come for me Jessie, come around my cock.”

Jessie slapped his hand over his mouth to keep from crying out Max’s name as he came harder than he’d ever done in his life. Shooting against the tiles he watched his cum drain away as Max fucked him through his aftershocks, coming inside of him before Jessie’s legs could completely give way.

For a few long seconds there was silence.

“Fuck.” Max muttered as they both caught their breath.

Yeah Jessie wanted to say but couldn’t. Instead he focussed on his breathing and looked around for the soap. They were in the shower for a reason after all and his body was still, apparently, under orders to clean the smell of sex off of his skin. Jessie wondered if Max was aware of the irony of what they’d just done.

“Remind me to never challenge you again.”

Jessie huffed and felt smooth fingers tracing his spine.

“You can talk, just make sure to not raise your voice too loud. My parents still don’t know you’re here.” Max said softly.

“You honestly think I could shout right now? After that?” Jessie panted. “I’m only standing because you told me to clean myself and apparently that trumps collapsing from a sex coma.”

Laughing Max reached down for a bottle and squirted purple gel into Jessie’s palm. “Then you should probably get to it, shouldn’t you?” He whispered playfully against his ear.

Jessie gulped as he felt the other man press up against him once more. Looking down he was somewhat heartened to find that his cock didn’t try to rise to the occasion, yet again. After all, there was only so much mortification he could take in one 24 hour period.


“I have my own clothes you know.” Jessie grumbled as he picked at the sleeve of the 100% Egyptian cotton black top Max had picked out for him to wear. He was trying his best not to think about where they were walking or whom he was about to meet.

“Those,” Max said pointedly “were not clothes, they were travesties of nature. And the only reason you’re still wearing your own trousers is because none of mine would fit you.”

“You’re a posh twat you know that right?” Jessie said, hoping to deflect Max’s attention away from his attire.

“And you’re a goby commoner, I don’t see a problem here, do you?” Max held the door to the downstairs dining room open and quirked his mouth in silent challenge to Jessie as he stood aside to let him pass.

They’d already had ‘the talk’. Max had laid out in no uncertain terms what Jessie could and couldn’t do as well as what he was able to tell people about what was happening to him. The short version was that he was just expected to act as if nothing strange was happening…and that couldn’t tell people anything that had happened, not even via text. Max had been thorough. He’d thought through all the loopholes that Jessie had been secretly hoping he wouldn’t and blocked them off with a gentle, reassuring smile. Whilst Jessie was no longer fooled by that smile he could at least admit to himself that it could’ve been worse.

“Max? Who’s this?” A middle aged man had just looked up over the top of his paper as Max all but pushed Jessie into the room.

“Dad, meet Jessie, Jessie this is my Dad, Steve.” Max said warmly. “Jessie had a little trouble at home and needed a place to stay. I said it was OK for him to stop here whilst things calmed down, if that’s alright with you? He stayed in my room last night.” Max added before his Father had a chance to ask.

It was pitched perfectly. Jessie had to hand it to him, the man had skills. Max could smooth talk anyone and within five minutes of meeting him Max’s father had offered Jessie the spare room, a full wardrobe of unused clothing and was even trying to pay for a brand new set of work books for college…that he didn’t need.

“Honestly, Sir, thank you, but really, it’s fine. I can just go home and pick up my stuff before class. I’m not due in until ten anyway and my Mum starts work at-”

“Nonsense, it’s no bother. We don’t want you getting yourself hurt over a little bit of paper.” Max’s Dad cut in and once again tried to hand him a £50.00 note.

“I can’t accept this Sir, not when my books are just-” Jessie tried again.

Max laid his hand on Jessie’s shoulder and leaned forward to take the money from his Father. “Thanks Dad, I’ll make sure he gets what he needs.”

“That’s my boy. Never take no for an answer.”

Max’s grin was wicked and Jessie choked back the words that were clamouring to get out. He felt Max squeeze gently as his Mother arrived with a tray full of food.


“Do you always eat like that or is it just when your parents are trying to over-stuff guests so that they can’t leave?” Jessie asked mildly as he rubbed his distinctly distended stomach.

They were on their way to pick up his stuff for college and despite everything that had happened to him, Jessie couldn’t deny that a morning of both amazing sex and food had left him somewhat cheered.

Max’s Mother had fussed and doted over him as if he were her own son and when his Father had found out that Jessie was taking Business Studies alongside History and Economics he’d actually offered to fully fund him when he graduated and started his first venture – On the proviso that he made sure to “Drag my son along too. The boy needs to get his head out of those dusty old books and make his way in the real world. We don’t live in ancient Greece anymore; I don’t see what good knowing what some bearded old bloke in a dress said about a war we never fought in has to do with the real issues facing us right now.”

When Max had calmly replied with “If you don’t know where you’ve come from, then you’ve no hope of knowing where you’re heading to.” Jessie thought that he might, possibly, one day, maybe, end up falling head over heels in love with the guy.

And when his Father promptly replied with, “So which part of the buggery loving back water are you from then?” He knew he’d regret it immediately.

What had been odd was the way Max had simply smiled at his Dad and his Father had…rolled his eyes and picked up a piece of toast to butter. There’d been no row. No ultimate showdown of ‘it’s my life Dad you can’t tell me who I can and can’t love’. It was like the two of them were teasing each other.

Max’s Mother had cut in then and offered Jessie another sausage. He’d almost choked on the orange juice he was drinking but out of the corner of his eye he could’ve sworn that he saw Steve laugh.

Did they think he was dating their son? Was this how the stupidly rich hazed people? He’d been so confused.

“No, not always.” Max said as they rounded a corner, snapping Jessie back to the present. They were taking a short cut through the inner city dog park that separated the wealthier neighbourhoods from the not so well off side of town. “Just when I bring a partner home for the first time. They tend to adopt the kill them with kindness strategy of interrogation. You did well, don’t worry.”

“Partner?” Jessie squeaked.

“Well, I don’t know about you but my first thought when my son comes downstairs with a strange man in the morning and introduces him to me, would not be ‘sex slave’. How about you?”

Jessie had to agree. He didn’t like it, but he did have to agree. Just not out loud. Instead he said, “So I’m your sex slave?”

“Do you have a better word for what’s happening?”

“Fucked up?” Jessie offered.

“Fair enough.” Max said amiably and looked down at his phone, steering them down yet another side ally. “You’re my fucked up sex slave. We can debate lexical semantics all you like. It doesn’t change the facts. So until we find this Princess of yours, you’re just gonna have to live with it. Besides,” He added with a devilish smile that went straight to Jessie’s cock “It’s not been all bad has it?”

Jessie swallowed around the lump in his throat. “You mean other than the fact that I, quite literally, have to do everything the friendly neighbourhood psychopath tells me to do. Nahh, it’s been a barrel of laughs. Can’t possibly think of a better situation to find myself in than this.”

Max’s smile ratcheted up a notch. “I knew this was going to be fun.”


They walked like that for the best part of half an hour. Teasing and sparing as if they’d known each other a lifetime.

Jessie’d forgotten to pay attention to where they were going. Max had been leading the way and of course he’d looked confident in the path, he always looked fucking confident, that was what he did.

The voices that started up behind them were a low rumble to begin with but when a slightly higher pitched and more pointed “The fuck you doin’ ‘ere?” drifted over to them, both Jessie and Max’s pace slowed. When it rang out again, “Oi, I said what the fuck you doin’ ‘ere?” they came to a stop.

Max placed his hand at the small of Jessie’s back, leaned into him and whispered “Follow my lead.” in his ear, before straightening back up and turning to face the group of men behind them. He wore a politely puzzled expression on his face.

Jessie turned as well and wished to the gods above and below that he could do more than swivel in place. His body had gone into lock-down and he began to pray to anyone who was listening that Max would have the sense to run rather than fight. They were in the Edgewood’s territory and it wouldn’t hurt their reputation at all if Jessie were to end up face down in a ditch on their turf. Paul Edgewood had been trying to recruit him for over a year and he was starting to get impatient.

Max didn’t know any of this of course. All he knew was that some guys had stopped them in a side ally and they sounded like Dumb and Dumber on steroids.

“I’m sorry.” Max said in flawless Queen’s English. “I’m not quite sure what you want. Could you, perhaps, repeat your question?”

They were going to die. Jessie closed his eyes and took a steadying breath.

“Ohh, pre’ty boy wants ‘t play, does he? Well pre’ty fing, this ‘ere is our turf. Jessie there, he ows our boss a visit. He’s ‘bin dodgin’ his calls and the boss don’ like that one bit. So how’s abo’ you han’ ‘im ova and we might let ya get outa ‘ere wiv’ all ya teef?”

It was the longest speech Jessie had ever heard the guy he knew only as ‘Gobba’ make in his life. His accent had apparently thickened in reaction to Max’s. It felt almost surreal.

Max had frowned as if he were truly considering what Gobba was saying. Looking down at Jessie he asked, “Is what the gentleman here just said true Jessie? Does his boss want to see you?”

“Yes.” Jessie said through clenched teeth.

“And why is that?” Max asked again, polite patience oozing from every pore.

“He wants me to work for him.”

“Ah, I see. Well, we’ll have to clear up the misunderstanding then won’t we?” Max said and to Jessie’s horror he walked, without the slightest hint of hesitation, to stand squarely in front of Gobba. “I have a message for you to pass onto your boss if that wouldn’t be too much of an imposition?”

“A wha’?” Gobba said, staring ever so slightly up at Max, who was beginning to loom over him.

Max didn’t bother to repeat himself. “Jessie belongs to me.” He said firmly and with one, lightning fast move, punched the man in the face.

Gobba fell like a sack of potatoes. It was exquisite.

The men who had been his shadows began to back away and Jessie didn’t blame them. Max’s demeanour had shifted from polite visitor to mob boss in the span of one, perfect, punch.

“Jessie belongs to me.” He said again and this time the audience were listening. He reached into his back pocket and pulled out a business card holder. Flipping it open he carefully drew one out and held it up for the shadows to see. It caught the light beautifully.

Jessie watched their eyes follow it as Max let it drop onto Gobba’s unconscious face.

“In case your boss wants to call, that’s my number. Tell Paul that Max said Hi.”

Jessie felt the metaphorical sand shifting subtly beneath his feet. He replayed everything that had happened in his head with the added knowledge that Max Burke knew Paul Edgewood. How the fuck did he know Paul Edgewood?

He’d been used. All of a sudden Jessie fully knew how a pawn felt when the players started to move them around the board.

Max turned his back on his stunned audience and steered Jessie out onto the open street.

Jessie opened his mouth but Max cut him off with a curt “Don’t. Don’t talk.” and his lips slammed closed. Glaring, Jessie followed, silently fuming and thinking as fast as he could. He had to find a way to get to Queeny before whatever game Max was playing got him killed.

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