Day Three: 100 Days of Words Challenge

Day Three. I’m tired today. Someone’s car alarm decided to go off at around 3am just outside my bedroom window and it didn’t stop for a good couple of hours. Whoever it was that decided to not put in a cut off timer for that little fucker, I now officially hate you.

Despite it all I am still awake and writing. I think coffee number two is going to be called for before I start in on my big work, but the daily scenes have been accomplished; along with my 200 words and I’m still very much enjoying myself.

I’m looking to work on furthering Chapter 7 of One Ring today. I have my plot sorted into enough of a shape to guide my brain through what needs to happen and am looking forward to seeing what I come up with in between plot points. Questions shall be answered as well as asked, so hopefully a few people who were worrying about what had happened to certain individuals will find out!

Overall I’m pretty optimistic about the direction things are heading.

100 Days of Words

Day Three

Day Three


You can find Day One of my challenge here. Also, further details about the 100 day challenge can be found here.

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