Day Five: 100 Days of Words Challenge

Day Five has turned into ‘lets try out first person perspective’ day. I’m pretty pleased with the results actually. It’s not a style I find easy to write in and so the challenge was pretty fun. I’ve found first person is something that, when done wrong, can really make you cringe to read. I think I’ve steered away from it subconsciously because I don’t want to be that cringe-worthy person. I never wanted someone to read my work and go “Oh God please make it stop.” That thought kinda scares me.

So today has been a challenge in producing something that I can be happy with and that I can be proud to put onto the internet forever. I think I’ve achieved this goal. What do you think?

Day 5

Day Five


You can find Day One of my challenge here. Also, further details about the 100 day challenge can be found here.

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