Short Story: Bindings


Summary: After a run of bad luck Cedric turns to his best friend Serena for what he sees as his only way out. She agrees to his request but, to his dismay, dictates the terms and the timetable for the binding that will join their souls together and give her complete control over her friend, forever.

Rating: NC17 for later chapters, D/s, BDSM, Objectification, Consensual Slavery, M/F, later chapters M/M/F, M/F/F.

“If you do this there’s no turning back. I’m only offering this because I know what the alternative is.”

“I know what I’m doing Serena and if you don’t help me I’ll find someone who will.”

Serena closed her eyes. Ced was her friend and she’d had more than a few flings with him over the years. He’d never really been the best at coping with the world and the kind of help he was looking for now would be the terminal sort if he found it at the hands of anyone other than her. She couldn’t allow that, not for someone with such a fragile and beautiful but battered soul as Cedric. The problem she faced was that what he was asking her to do would mean that he would become her responsibility for the rest of time. He wouldn’t have a choice. Magical slavery wasn’t something to be entered into lightly and the only way it ended well was for both participants to submit willingly to it.

Right now what Cedric wanted was for the pain to end. If he surrendered entirely to her he couldn’t seek out the drugs and alcohol that were ruining his life. He couldn’t fuck the random strangers in bars and spend all his cash chasing the next high. He wanted to bind himself to her more than anything because it would take away his free will. He would quite literally become her responsibility.

What he didn’t quite realise was that he would share her lifespan as well. Their souls would be bound during the ritual. Immortality had suited Serena well but she didn’t know if Cedric would take to it in the same way.

“I’d have complete control over your body Ced. You’d be forever locked inside your own skin, you do realise this? The only way you’d ever have any control would be if I let you have it. And that’s an if because there’ll be situations where I’d have to control you completely and you’ll have to do things that you really won’t like. My world and your world don’t follow the same rules.”

“If you don’t do this there isn’t going to be a my world for long. I swear Serena, I can’t live like this any more. This is my only way out and I trust you. I know you wouldn’t take advantage.”

“For the magic to take effect I have to take advantage Ced, and like I said, the laws we live by are very different to what you’re used to. You’d be classified as an object and people will treat you like one.

“This ritual links our souls and mine would be the dominant one of the two. You won’t be able to hide anything from me. Everything you are will be mine to see and to do with as I please.”

For the first time Cedric paused.


“Yeah Ced, everything.”

“But you said you’ve done this before right?”

“Yes, I have. That’s why I know how it works. I did it before I became immortal though. Annabelle and I lived together for 25 years before she passed away. But Ced, she was from my world, she had her own magic and she understood what it would be like. We loved each other and it was the only way we could be together in the way we wanted.

“I love you to pieces and I don’t want you to die but you can’t possibly understand what you’re getting yourself into.”

“What, because I’m just a lowly human I can’t understand what I’m asking for?”

“No, because you’re human and not magical you can’t. There’s nothing lowly about you at all. The problem is you’ve only ever seen the pretty, gentle side of magic. I wouldn’t expect you to understand just how dark it can get.”

“Oh I’m pretty sure I can imagine Serena.” Cedric stared at her and she saw the exact moment he gave up. “So what you’re saying is, you don’t want to do it?”

Her heart broke and she knew he’d won. She’d never been able to say no to the man and now was not the time to start trying.

“No Ced, I’m saying yes, but I want you to think about exactly what you’re asking for here. I’ll stay with you tonight and we can do it in the morning if you haven’t changed your mind.”

Cedric’s mood, never the most stable at the best of times, changed once more. “You’re going to make me wait? Have you any idea what it’s like to live like this?” The desperation in his voice was almost palpable. “You’re just trying to get out of it again aren’t you? I know what I want damnit! I’m not a fucking child! If you don’t want to do it just grow some balls and say so!”

The sparks of lightning that arced across Serena’s fingers were only partially intended. She knew he was trying to wind her up and force her to go through with the ritual right now just to spite him and prove him wrong; but damn, if it wasn’t an effective tactic. She knew he liked to be dominated and she also knew her friend would push any and all buttons to get a rise out of someone when he was feeling bad, but now was not the time to do it. She had to have a clear head if she was going to go through with any form of magical binding. Magic was volatile and if she carried out the ritual in this state of mind the binding would be very different from the one he was asking for.

“Ced, if you force me to do this it won’t end well for you.”

“Won’t end well for me? Please, do share what exactly is worse than death, because that’s what’s gonna happen if you pussy out.”

He was gearing up for a world class rant and she couldn’t have him start that. If he wanted her to take over then she could do that but she was not going to allow him to dictate the terms of a binding that would mean the end to not only his freedom, but  hers as well.

She saw the moment his face changed as he watched her naturally blue eyes glow an even brighter and distinctly unnatural cyan. He managed an “oh cra-” before he was flung bodily against his bedroom wall and pinned in place by her force of will alone. His arms were spread around him in a painful and awkward fashion but she had moved past the point of caring. If this was what he wanted from her, this was what he was going to get.

She watched as he instinctively tried to move and felt the push of his muscles against the barrier that was holding him in place. She pushed back harder and saw him gasp as the pressure increased around his rib cage. He was scared now, she knew it. He’d never seen her use her magic like this and certainly never felt her use it against him. She had always been so careful to protect him from her world but if he was going to insist on joining her and forcing this upon them both then he was going to get a crash course in what it would be like, whether he wanted it or not.

“You like this Ced? You like me in control?” She grabbed his crotch with her right hand and squeezed until he let out a whimper. “What was that? I didn’t quite hear you Cedric. I asked you a question.”

Cedric gasped again and when he answered his voice wobbled between terrified and turned on “I don’t know. Fuck Serena, I don’t know OK?”

She scoffed and turned to pace the room. Her bare feet padded silently against his wooden floors.

“For someone who is so willing to die you sure do scare easily.” She was facing away from him now, looking across the room to where his double bed stood. It spanned almost the entirety of the back wall and took up a good three quarters of the bedrooms floor space. Cedric wasn’t a small man and his bed was custom built to accommodate him. His wardrobes and draws were slotted in around it wherever they could fit. It was clear where his priorities lay.

He didn’t see when Serena’s eyes glowed for the second time but he did feel the magic fling him across the room and she forced him to land spread-eagled across his own bed. She flipped him onto his back and flung his arms and legs to each of the four corners. He watched, speechless as she began to form chains around his wrists and ankles. Slowly, link by link they snaked their way around the delicate iron work of his bed, tieing him in place. She released the pressure holding him down only when the last link had secured itself to the metal frame.

She walked deliberately around the side of the bed and looked at her friend as he lay below her.

“If you want to be mine then we cast the spell tomorrow. I will not allow you to fuck this up for the both of us and you will think about what you are asking me to do.”

She took his bedside clock and moved it into his line of sight.

“It’s eleven pm now. I’ll be back again at six to talk.”

“Fuck, no, Serena. No you can’t do this to me! Serena, come back you bitch!”

Without looking at him she opened his window and jumped out onto the fire exit. She could hear him screaming for her to set him free as she closed the glass behind herself. What she really wanted right now was a stiff drink, or six. What she actually did, as she made her way down the metal steps, was pull out her phone and dial the number of a very old friend.

“Julius, I’m calling in that favour you owe me.”

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