200 Word Round-Up

Looking back over my weekly 200 words I’ve actually done quite a bit more than I expected on my story.

I’ve also procrastinated brilliantly. I’m having a little trouble with the last scene I need to write, but I’m going to make headway on it tonight.

Exerts from the week:
In which our hero reads through her diary and figures out what to put into her blog post that won’t spoil her story too much.

Learning All About Writing:

200 Words:
Today I’ve had a lot of fun listening to “Writing Excuses,” the 15 min pod-cast all about writing. And I must say, I’ve learned quite a bit. Thinking about it I can’t really neatly sum up what I’ve learned but I feel more secure in myself about writing and how to go about it.

Also, at some point I’ll need to sit down and actually, at least vaguely, plan out my scenes for One Ring. My sneaky suspicion about why my writing has slowed down is that I don’t actually have an outline. I had a very clear idea in my head before about what was going to happen in each chapter, but I’m getting to the point now where winging it isn’t working. I think I just need some clear stepping stones in place to get myself to the end of the book. Once the stones are in place I can let myself have a little freedom with the scenes themselves.

One thing, that I have found myself falling into the trap of doing, that the pod-cast warned about, was over-planning. I find it easy to plan when I put my mind to it, but I also find that a) I can plan forever, and b) If I over-plan, I can’t write the scenes in the actual book very easily. I find that if there are pillars already in place I don’t have the wiggle room I need to let the scene flow and grow. As long as I have a premise for that scene and know how it’s going to move the story forwards then I’m good.

With One Ring right now, that’s what I’m lacking.

So tomorrow’s plan is to spend a couple of solid hours planning and figuring out where I’m heading, then to start the big write! I want to get something concrete done.

A productive day today and hopefully an even more productive one tomorrow 😀

A snippet from what I’m writing

200 Word Snippet [Please note this is in no way a finished product, but a glimpse into the work in progress]:
Dean hadn’t been paying the world much attention when he’d wandered into the coffee shop that morning. That’s what he was telling himself at least, but nothing could really excuse the fact that he’d missed a gods-damned naked Fairy sitting by the window. She was alone and the ethereal dragonfly wings that were poking out of her back kept disappearing through the brick wall whenever she absent-mindedly beat them. She was sipping a cup of tea and her creamy nutmeg skin appeared to glisten with the ghosts of the scales Dean knew her race had once possessed. Her hair, an intense black, almost luminesced under the café’s warm mood lights.

How the hell could he have walked past a fucking Fairy?

He realised he was staring when an old lady coughed pointedly behind him. He moved aside to let her pass and he just about made out the muttered “Bloody Yanks, didn’t anyone ever tell you it’s rude to stare? Can’t you see the poor girl’s been through enough already?” as she made a beeline for the last free table. He started to scowl but caught himself before it became a permanent feature on his face. No one else was stood staring at the Fey sat sipping tea in a coffee shop. Either he’d finally gone off the deep end and lost his mind due to stress or there was some powerful magic happening. Whichever it was, Dean had to find out.

Taking a deep breath he gingerly wound his way through the tightly packed tables and chairs until he was standing hopefully next to her. Dean watched as she turned lazily to look up at him. He saw her eyes widen as she took in his appearance. Her wings beat faster when he asked if he could take the seat across from her. He sat when she nodded, doing her best to hide the obvious grin on her face. He smiled back, dialling up the charm a few notches. She giggled and Dean could have sworn he heard bells tinkle. He was going to need a lot more caffeine if he was going to get through this.

And a closing statement

200 Words of Planning – Cut for spoilers…:

Me [10:48 PM]
I never thought of ghosts!

F [10:48 PM]
See, Ghosts!

Me [10:48 PM]
And if he [cut here for spoilers]…then that’s his downfall!
[10:48 PM]
They can help Dean!
[10:48 PM]
[10:49 PM]

F [11:05 PM]
[11:05 PM]
Ghosts are a good thing
[11:06 PM]
Your love is appreciated

Me [11:07 PM]
Ghosts are deffo a good thing!
See, this is why talking about ideas is a good thing 🙂
[11:07 PM]

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