200 Word Challenge


I have written before about my friends challenge that I write 200 words a day, minimum. I have been doing this with increasing consistency and I have reached the point where I am comfortable enough in the practice that it can bleed across into my website.

Every week, on a Monday, I’ll post here and show you a collection of my random musings and little snippets from the stories I am either working on or write just to get the ideas down on paper for a later date.

Today I will include some snippets from both recent and more distant 200 words for your amusement.

Making plans!


Plan for the year:

This years plans are…Work to get out at least three books. Make sure said books are well edited and logic tested as well as tell stories I want to tell.

Buy a mini-stepper. They are currently on sale in the Aldi for £25.00 so when we get paid at the end of the month I can do this. This will help me be able to exercise whilst watching youtube/writing (if I use voice commands) instead of just veging out. I veg out way too much and my health is suffering because of it. I’m going to take that back one step at a time (pun intended!)

Visit Orkney – And by extension – Start saving!

I need to start my savings in earnest. I am going to go to Orkney this year. I’m going to need at least about a thousand pounds to do that…so realistically I’ll need to save about £120.00 a month. I can do that with the current budget (we’ve confirmed Sam will get paid this month and not work a month in lew!)

I’ll also need to confirm dates etc with my Mother and (if she wants to come along) F as well.

I’m excited about a fresh new year! S seems to have found his people (he spent 40 mins talking about internet memes with his new work mates (and boss) over lunch) so I’m not worried that he’ll have the same issues as he did in the last company. It also helps that he knows one of the guys who works there from his Uni days, as that gives the company the good vibes credentials in his head.

All in all, I have 2018 down as the year I achieve goals!

Drunken ramblings

I’d like to point out that I don’t get drunk that often…but when I do, this happens.

Dec 2017

Tipsy: To be slightly drunk. That, my friends, is what I am. Wine is very fine!

I don’t really know what to write about. Maybe a little exercise in how to describe drunkenness? The fuzziness of the head. The way your neck likes to wobble like your head’s a bit too heavy for the muscles to know what to do with. And the zombie legs that creep up on you. They’re the worst. Drinking whilst being sat down and then getting up tends to surprise the legs somewhat, who were simply enjoying the time off and resting like everyone else. They didn’t need to go anywhere. Why do they have to give in to the whims of the bladder? Just because it needs to go to the toilet, doesn’t mean they do. For this reason the legs put up a mighty protest against the powers that be and like to stagger you around on your trip to the toilet.

There’s also another thing that happens to, as far as I can tell, only me when I’m drunk. My nose goes all fuzzy and it gets warm, then goes numb…Apparently my circulation hates me and when I become drunk it likes to light up my nose like Rudolph!

So, my dear friends. My words today are a soliloquy to drunkenness. Sober me apologises for any nonsense that may be found here above. Goodnight one and all!

And Random Tales

Oct 2017

They were flying, free and uncaring. The wind was rushing past them so quickly that her eyes watered every time she opened them. She knew she should have frozen solid at this height. She should have fainted. The g-forces she was feeling should have thrown her blood and brain around like tumbling rocks inside of a tornado. Yet here she was. Held in his arms as safe as the most precious of jewels. Soaring. All of a sudden she felt the strangest urge to laugh. She couldn’t process it. It was impossible.

She looked up and saw him smiling down at her. She saw the weight of centuries in his eyes, felt the pain of endless love’s lost and knew that fear for this man had passed long ago. He had suffered the flames and emerged the other side, reforged anew. He’d been cast in pain, born of destruction and death. She had found her avenging angel.

Tucking her face against his chest she allowed herself to relax. She was safe here. They would burn for what they’d done, but for now she had to find her feet. The angel lived within the clouds, so she would too. Knowledge would be the key to her success.

She felt her shoes touch solid ground and was gently turned to face her new home. Her jaw dropped as she took it in.

“You live here?” It came out as an awed whisper.

“People believe rage to be created from fire. They imagine righteous anger is the same as vengeance. They are wrong. Pure vengeance is ice and so am I. Welcome to my home Princess.”

“It’s exquisite.”

He bowed politely and raised his head to look at her face. “As are you. I feel your heart as you feel the ground beneath your feet. It is beautiful. You understand the need to allow the fire to burn until you are consumed and have surrendered to it. All around you the fire may burn but you can no longer be harmed by it. You are like me, Princess. You are made of ice. Your suffering has created a pure crystalline casing around your heart and it’s facets are magnificent. I am yours. Command me as you wish my Lady.”

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